urgent custodial advice

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urgent custodial advice

Post by kerry-ann1975 » Wed Feb 05, 2014 8:31 pm

I am in a situation were I have a social worker who is unresponsive and appears to me clueless about the situation shes put my family in.
The situation began when I had a DV incident involving an ex partner occured whilst my daughter was present. The police and therefore the ss were involved and she was placed on a child in need plan. A month later myself and ex partner spent a few nights together whilst my daughter was away and staying with her nan over the summer holidays. Unfortunately there was another domestic violence incident. Ss then increased the plan to child proction. In the last 6 months I have proved myself to the ss attending womens aid and proving myself to be a hard working single mom. My daughter has a father who plays a part time active roll in her life. Initially when this all began he threatened custody ( we share pr) but it never went anywhere.
In the last few months I allowed my x partner to attend my address to collect belongings and get his stuff together as I was moving home. Due to her dad not sticking to his arrangements my daughter was present. I assured her after that he was only visiting and if she was scared etc she could talk to me about it.
Two weeks ago her child protection plan ended and she was to have 1 more meeting under child in need. I have been subject to huge financial stress due to trying to work full time and support us both ( no financial input from father) and have since reduced my hrs as it makes more sense financially. In the mean time I attended school late due to car break down, had my phone cut off due to lack of funds- I suggest this lead to her being grilled by her teachers about home and see how her home life is, thus leading to her admiting to seeing ex partner.
This was last tuesday and her father was due to collect her from school as normal. Since then she has been staying at his due to the fact ss made out to both him and me they thought it best she stay there till they gain written agreement from myself. He has decided to go for full custody and my social worker has been useless im terms of advice and contact and having gone above her have been advised they ss have no intention of at this point seeking legal pr etc and they are nowere near that point. I have sought legal advice but cannot get to see my solicitor until monday. Its my daughters birthday this weekend!!! Her dad is making contact extremelly difficult.
My question is this. If I go and just take my daughter back were does that leave me legally. The ss have no agreement s in place and my sw needs to seek advice on everything! Did they think I would take a back seat until custody was decided. What sort of mom would do that. Surely if I try and take her back I'll make things difficult for me during a custody battle in light of how I'll look.also if the police are involved whats the likely outcome? What are ss likely to do?? I doubt an agreement can be met with her dad as ss arnt giving him the correct info and im sure he thinks he has every right to withhold her from me. Where do I go from here???

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Re: urgent custodial advice

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Fri Feb 07, 2014 3:07 pm

Dear kerry-ann 1975

Welcome to the parent's board. My name is Suzie one of the Family Rights Group's online advisers.

You state in your post that Children's Services have concerns about the domestic abuse episodes that have taken place between you and your child's father and what I assume can be the potential impact on their physical and emotional wellbeing.

They may also consider risk factors because it is unclear about the status of your relationship with your ex partner and that the ongoing violence between the two of you, and the current level of uncertainty may be seen as unsettling for your child.

I can only advise you about the importance of continuing to work closely with Children's Services and engage with any assessments being undertaken so they can be satisfied you are willing to cooperate with them in the best interests of your child.

You have expressed concern that since your child moved to live with their father he may apply for residence of them.

Since the Family Rights Group give only limited advice about private law matters, can I suggest you seek legal advice about these from the Children's Legal Centre so they can advise you of your best options at this time.

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Re: urgent custodial advice

Post by dvsurvivor » Sun Sep 21, 2014 9:31 am

Hi i have just read your post and im in a simualr situation to you and wonderd what your outcome was and if you went up the school to get your little one?

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