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Post by Hya123 » Sun Mar 17, 2019 8:58 am

Hi. I have had my kids removed in April this year it will be 12months. Along way past the 26weeks My twins were breastfeeding at the time. I was on a plan for emotional abuse due to one incident of DV. Me and my boyfriend got into an argument not a fight. But lots of pushing and shoving because I found out during my pregnancy he was cheating so naturally I got very upset. The police were called. I was really upset with him my kids were not present but they were downstairs with grandparents in a 3 storey property. No excuse in lA authority eyes. After I left the ambulance crew and police said I must get a non molestation order out because otherwise the LA would get involve and I risk losing my children By then me and my partner had patched it up. But because I was scared we went to get the order as they said. When I tried they said what I said was not enough so I panicked and added stuff. Things that did happen but was in play. And as suggested LA never got involved again. After i got the order. After a malicious allegation by friend I was put on plan for emotional abuse which was due to close completely two weeks before my son got burn. Throughout LA involvenent there was no concern about my parenting.

In April last year my twin son fell off the bed and got burnt when I downstairs making a bottle. He was sleeping and yes like a idiot I didn't put pillow around him and he woke up. I called the ambulance and I am here now as they kept saying I did it. I was cross examined by police they said I was innocent. But the LA took me to court and got a interim care order. This was because 2 doctor said accident and one said non accident. In court it looks like the judge is on my side because there is no other evidence that i would ever harm my kids. No mental alcohol or drug abuse no criminal record large supportive family. Never any concern of my parenting it was a simple accident.
My babys were taken while breastfeeding and my children and I have been abused by the system.
My questions. Are what can i do about all the lies that been told my the social workers just to win. It is very clear to everyone involved including the independent social worker guardian judge and those assessing my family for sgo. That the case should not have gone this far. But I'm stuck and i have lost my kids. I was offered no support or given any paperwork of minutes or included in any meetings until this day. They just make plans and I follow.
All my files and cases have been made public without my permission
They cut my daughter hair under s20
They put her in nursery
They separated them.
They bought pictures of the burns to peoples houses called me an abuser and that woman
They took away my kids without asking any family to step in. I have a close family of 30
I heard i can take out a human rights breach for me and on behalf of my kids article 6 and 8
Data protection breach
Or ombudsman complaint
I do not want any other woman or kids to go through this.
All social workers were newly qualified and very young and bullies and judgemental.
But I'm scared it will go against me and people have said to wait till case is over. I been waiting but now i read i only have 12 months which ends END of THIS MONTH for human rights. I dont want to wait and be told it's too late to complain.
I really dont want to lose out on all the bad things the local authority has done to me and my children
They have been bullies and I have had no rights on this case I just do what I'm told so I dont lose my kids. Scared of everything now. They cancel my contact or dont turn up they take my kids on holiday without my permission.
Lots of things all because my son got an accidental injury.
Please if anyone been through similar I want to go down the human rights breach my solicitor is good but while they fighting for me to get them back the fact finding is over and just waiting on judgement.. But time is ticking by for the human rights part of which says it must be included in these proceedings. But again im so scared to upset the local authority and lose my kids. But I dont want fear to stop me doing what I am suppose to for justice for me and my kids. Everyone says the case has many flawed to the point that 2 managers and two social worker have left since my case started. Also there has been a total of 20 social workers who just cut and paste information indirectly and has messed up my life as prior to my son getting burn it was the one incident if DV which the Zla was aware and even state it wasnt worth its weight in gold because we were back together they even encouraged us to take the kids to playgroup and its documented.
please help me somebody.

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Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Tue Mar 26, 2019 5:55 pm

Dear Hya123,

Welcome to the Parent’s Board. Thank you for setting out what has happened to your family during children services involvement. I am so sorry to hear what a difficult time you have had. I can see how traumatic it must have been for you and your children to be separated this way-in an emergency.

At the time, it sounded like the medical evidence was suggesting the burns were not accidental.

In these circumstances, children services had no choice but to ask the court to make an order that your children were temporarily separated from you. This would be to avoid further possible injury. Were the court asked or was it police protection and then you were "forced" to agree to section 20 accommodation? If it was section 20, is that the basis you are arguing a breach of the Human Rights Act?

But I can see that there has now been a fact finding hearing where it was found that the burns your son suffered were most likely non- accidental.

It is not clear from your post whether the court has considered yet where your children will live long term. It sounds like family are being assessed to see whether any can care for the children as special guardians.
Your question is about making a claim under the Human Rights Act. Your legal team who have access to all the papers filed in the court proceedings, will be able to advise whether or not you have a claim. Have you spoken to them about it?

It seems that at the time your children were removed, a child protection plan had only just been made on the basis of your children being at risk of emotional abuse from witnessing domestic violence.
However, your children were removed due to your son’s injury. Not due to you failing to respond to the child protection plan or due to children services failings-even though their involvement sounded chaotic. I agree with you, how could you, as a parent, actively take part in the child protection process when you did not have copies of the plan and minutes of meetings? The professionals involved seem to recognise these failings as well.

I am sorry that I cannot give you the advice you need. I would urge you to speak to your legal team again.

Best wishes,


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