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Domestic violence and social services

Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2015 12:39 pm
by xlisax85x
Hi. I was with a man who was an alcohilic he has recently been sent to prison for dv against me. have 4 children who are not his . He has vowed to get the help he needs with his alcohol as he was an alcoholic and he has realised this was the problem. social services were invoked at 1 point but I haven't heard from then since. I am looking at getting back with him but he has obviously got to prove that he is willing to change and changing by getting the help he needs where do i stand with social services regarding my children staying with me and what there father's rights are

Re: Domestic violence and social services

Posted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 1:42 pm
by Suzie, FRG Adviser

I am so sorry to hear that you have suffered domestic abuse. It must have been very scary for your children to have witnessed this as well as for you to have suffered it.

Here are some FAQ’s about domestic abuse .

The violence must have been at a sufficiently serious level for him to be imprisoned. Do you know when your partner is going to be released?
You say that children services have closed the case. How was it left? Do they expect you to contact them if you and your partner re- unite when he leaves prison?

I am worried that you might allow your partner back into your children’s lives and they are put in danger by your partner. Children services are likely to be very worried about this as well.
To be certain, you should check what the position is with children services. You will want to put your childrens safety first.

If they need you both to get further help support or training then you can start this now so as not to waste time later.

Support for you and your children

Have you been offered all the support that you and your children can get to deal with the trauma of domestic violence? If you haven’t you could look into that now. These programmes such as the "freedom programme" often have a waiting list. You could start getting the support you need now so as not to cause delay later on.

To find out about this programme and other support (such as an advocate to help you deal with the social worker, you could contact Women’s Aid confidentially, who can refer you to programmes in your area.

Support for your partner

He may be offered help within the prison system. You could check with
offenders families helpline that your partner is getting the help that he needs-is there ongoing support to treat his alcoholism?

Has he been offered and accepted a domestic violence intervention programme?
I would have expected him to have completed this before he is allowed back in your children’s lives.

He could contact Respect who can advise him about programmes he could access when he leaves prison.

If your partner does return home without the knowledge and support of children services, you risk serious safe guarding interventions taking place. This might include your children being put under the protection of a child protection plan or worse.

It is better to work with children services. Be honest with them and cooperate with them-like you clearly must have done before.
If you can both successfully complete programmes then there would be a good chance of your partner being safe.

Please post back if you have any questions or need further advice.

Best wishes,