Son, 14 on bail with conditions

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Son, 14 on bail with conditions

Postby Mum_of_2 » Tue Mar 24, 2015 10:31 am

Our 14 year old son is on bail with conditions not to contact my husband or myself either directly or indirectly or to be anywhere on the road we live on.
This follows his arrest for common assault against me.

Our son then made a counter allegation that his dad had assaulted him.

At the point of arrest our son was placed into foster care on a section 20. Our youngest son who is 12 hasn't been removed from our care so we so we are unsure how serious this allegation is .

Last week my husband's police interview was cancelled just 20 minutes before he was due at the police station. We have tried to rearrange the interview - we have been ringing them. Unfortunately our messages are not being returned. Yesterday when I rang them I was told (not by the investigating officer) as my son is being safeguarded, there is no urgency for my husband to be interviewed and this is a low priority case that will continue to stay under the urgent cases where there are children at risk.

I learned, having spoken to my son's foster carer, that my son is desperate to talk to me. Social services are going to see what they can negotiate with the bail.

It all seems such a mess.... can the Police realistically keep moving my husband's interview to the bottom of the pile?
It is destroying our family.
Sorry, just needed to share in case anyone can offer us any advice or reassurance.

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Re: Son, 14 on bail with conditions

Postby Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon Mar 30, 2015 6:48 pm

Hi mum-of-2

Sorry for the delay in responding to your query. Unfortunately I not able to help much as this query relates to the criminal law side if your situation rather than Children's Services.

I would advise that your husband seeks advice from a criminal law solicitor about the situation and the possibility of moving things forward. It would seem, however, that it is your son's bail conditions rather than any conditions placed specifically on your husband that are preventing contact at the moment- is that right? From this perspective, it may be helpful to raise your concerns with your son's social worker and/ or YOT worker if he has one to see if anything can be done to address his bail conditions.

Apologies that I can't be of more help. A criminal law solicitor would certainly be better placed to advise you. Failing this, Coram Children's Legal Centre may be able to assist.

Best Wishes

FRG Adviser

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