Family ruined

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Family ruined

Postby Help79 » Fri Mar 30, 2018 8:23 am

Hi, I have suffered from depression since the age of 19 (I'm now 38), and a few years back got sick of taking my medication so stopped, and started self medicating with Alcohol. I had a bad spell a couple of years ago drinking heavily and had about 5 arrests after disagreeing with family members, and police reported it as abuse between us (although me and the family members involved don't agree). I met my partner a year and a half ago, and after a brief separation, we got back together and our baby was born 06/01/18. It was all I ever wanted, but then I got hit badly with post natal depression. We had an incident at the end of January, where I drank and my partner called police and social services, but he over-reacts, and they were happy that I was ok, so me and my baby spent the night at my parents, then we moved on from it. I asked the dr about anti-depressants at babies 6 week appointment, but he said as I was breastfeeding it was best to try to manage without. However, I went downhill, and on the 08/03/18 tried to get another appointment with the dr, but they only had one on that day and I couldn't, so was told to ring back the next day. Unfortunately, I decided to have a drink to cope that day, and before I knew it, I was intoxicated, my partner was home from work, furious, and he called police and social services, while the whole time filming me on his phone for evidence. I got arrested for neglect, and the baby went to my parents for the night. However, social services rang my parents through the night and asked the baby hit taken to hospital for checks. The next day, the police and the solicitor were supportive and assured me I would be able to return home within a few days and get support within our family home. They drove me to the hospital, but a very aggressive social worker was waiting, she said that if any injury was found she would take the vaby straight into care and bullied me into agreeing to CT scan. I was told that I couldn't see him until Monday (this was a Friday) and if I went to our home I would be arrested. I spoke to my partner briefly and asked if we were over, and he said no, and we hugged, then I went home to parents. I was trying to think of stuff I needed from our home, but the police said not to worry, I wasn't moving out, I would just be gone a few days. However, after an agonising weekend, the social worker failed to show on the Monday, and came on the Tuesday. Apparently, after baby being checked about 4 times and then finding no injury, they picked up on a small linear scratch on this arm, and decided it was a non accidental injury. Since then, my partner has decided we are never ever going to be together again, and has accused me of domestic violence and abuse, which is not true. He's been telling all sorts of lies about me, stating that he wasn't scared at first, but changing his mind to saying he was scarred and used to find me staring at him through the night and thought I would stab him. It has been over three weeks now, and I only get to see my baby an hour a day at a contact centre, and still havnt been able to return to our home, even though everything in it is mine, including all the babies things which was bought by me and my family. I have turned up fir contact on time everyday, and engaged with the therapy groups and gp as social services/police recommended. My partner was late every day, over an hour one day and now social services have started collecting our baby from him. The social worker says they find him hard work and stubborn. The health visitor says she will recommend in her report that the baby is allowed to be with me unsupervised as long as I engage in support services and the baby should be on a child protection plan. Our core group meeting is next week. Does anybody have any experience of a similar situation? And how does this look like turning out for me?

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