needing urgent help and advice!

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needing urgent help and advice!

Postby sols » Thu Mar 05, 2015 2:58 pm


my brother and his the mother of his child split up some time ago and it was a difficult split - my borther had a breakdown and his ex tried everything to stop him seeing his child

he was awarded contact however approximately 2 years ago his 8 year old daughter told him that her mother's new partner had abused her - my brother did no more than contact the mother and suggest they chat but the next minute police and social workers arrived and he was accused of enticing his daughter to say these things - this was not proven and he resumed contact - as he advised he had asked for therapy for his daughter to ascertain why she would suggest this.

yesterday - he was prevented from collecting his child and social workers came around to say that his daughter had accused him of punching her on a number of occasions - he would never do this, I complain at him as he does not even tell his daughter off - hes too scared in case his ex tries to prevent him from having access. however they have said that they will now consider a section 7 and section 47 but he has done nothing wrong!

I dont understand how he can protect himself - he thinks that his daughter is getting a lot of attention from school counsellor and this maybe why she would say this either that or her mother has enticed the daughter to say something - he does not smack her and as I said, does not appear to tell her off enough.

he has no faith in social workers and is seeing a solicitor on tuesday but with no evidence to suggest he has ever laid a finger on his child what more can he do?

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Re: needing urgent help and advice!

Postby Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon Mar 09, 2015 11:47 am

Dear Sols,

Welcome to the Parents Forum.

I am sorry to hear that children services are carrying out an assessment of your brothers family. As there have been criminal allegations as well, the police will carry out a joint assessment as well. In respect of the police investigation, your brother is likely to be interviewed by the police and he should ensure that he has advice from a criminal solicitor. Look at the Law society-find a solicitor.

He should also cooperate with children services investigation as well. The assessment will take up to 45 working days and will look at his daughter’s needs (educational, emotional physical etc and whether she has any particular needs that might need extra support.).
It will also look at both Mums and his parenting ability and whether he needs any help-such as parenting classes or other support to help him as a parent.
It will examine the allegations of assault and try to ascertain whether or not your daughter has suffered any significant harm. The police investigation will feed into this.
Finally, the assessment will also look at his environment and family and friend support. As an uncle-could you offer any support? Always look at things from the child’s perspective.

It is important that he cooperates with the assessment. However, as a parent (even if he did not have parental responsibility) he should be kept informed about the assessment and receive a copy of it. He should keep in touch with the social worker to find out how the assessment is going and whether she needs any further information from him.

Until the assessment has been completed, your brother will be treated as high risk to his daughter. This is correct, as they will not know whether an assault actually happened. At the end of the assessment, they will be in a better position to make plans about your brothers contact.

What is happening with his contact with his daughter?
It may be on hold until the police investigation has been completed-to ensure that his daughter can safely give a witness statement. Contact may become supervised for awhile. Could any family members be assessed to supervise it?
They would always have to put the child’s needs before dads and show how they can protect the child against any possible abuse.

If the matter does go to a child protection conference, your brother could look at this film which sets out an initial child protection conference.

Best wishes,


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