PM, Said on tv today.

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PM, Said on tv today.

Postby purdie » Sat Mar 16, 2013 3:52 pm

On care for children,churchill said "we are for the ladder, let everyone try their best to climb "
well in my opinion their is no ladder for a wrongly treated parent, because their has never been a ladder their.

PM "The very first rung is a loving family so he must start with children who have no family.
so .where did all the children come from of course the children have family's and a lot of them loving we just can't get them back ?

PM " Around 1 quarter of people in our prisons grew up in care.
wouldnt you say then that the other 3 quarters had loving families, but still ended up in prison.

PM " people are desperate to give children a loving home but the system won't let them "
It is the same system that won't give them back to the loving home they were taken from in most cases.
so the system dose not work.

PM" I't takes on average 2 years for a child to be adopted and an extra year for a black child to move into a loving home.
we are changing it we are making it clear to everyone in the adoption system we need to move faster what matter's is not the colour of a Familys skin but the love that is in it."

So a lot of us on this webb site have loving family and a loving home, some of us have a loving home but no family for support, so if we have that loving home, Mr C and you say it's important and the child is not at risk how come we can't have them back.
we as parent's want our kid's back and we deserve a chance to present our case.
to an Independent group of people and not just the social service's and their faulse allergation's.
You want the kid's out of care fast meet with the parent's so wrongly accused.
Give us the ladder's and we will climbe, because their are thousand's of us so wrongly treated and accuse ready and waiting for you to drop the ladder's so we can CLIMBE.

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