Change of contact accommodation

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Change of contact accommodation

Postby Onlywantthebest » Tue Mar 12, 2013 2:33 pm

My daughter has a 5 year old son; her ex partner moved out after 15 months. He took her to court (not that he was refused contact) because he could not always get his own way at short notice. The arrangement via the courts was every other weekend (2 nights) and a Wednesday tea time visit (this has not been the case for over a year), now every other weekend for one night sleep.
He is moving this week from a 2-bedroomed flat to a house share with 5 other adults, he has not discussed the new arrangements and my daughter is very worried regarding the safety and security of her son in this situation.
She told him that she wanted to see the accommodation and meet the other tenants; no response except ''do you think I would jeopardise our son's safety; this was after bringing him home in the back a friend's car sat on two cushions!!
She is sure that she has every right to check the accommodation out? but would also like to know if she could get police checks on the other residents?

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