Child moved into foster care.

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Child moved into foster care.

Post by EMLH » Sat Sep 28, 2019 7:45 am


I desperately need advice and my solicitor isn’t open till Monday. So back story, my 3 children were removed 6years ago due to my addiction. In the past 6 years I got clean (been clean 5 years) had a baby who is now 20 months and has always lived with me, I’m in college doing an access to higher education course. Ive done various parenting courses etc.

My 2 eldest children were with their paternal gps under a connected persons fostering arrangement. Last night my eldest son was moved into foster care and he has said he is not going back to pgps. What are my rights? Can i see him in placement? Do they now have to consider me? I have a stable home with an assured tenancy, there’s already a bed in my youngest sons room for my eldest son as last year there were problems in placement but this went largely un-investigated. I’m so stressed & worried about my son. It’s his 13th birthday soon and I don’t want him spending it in a strangers house.

Thankyou in advance.

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Re: Child moved into foster care.

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Fri Oct 04, 2019 3:27 pm

Dear EMLH,
Welcome back to the Parent’s Forum.

You say your older children are placed with their grandparents who are connected foster carers.
I assume there is a care order as you say in your earlier post that they had originally been removed from you and this can only be done (without your consent) by a court order (or police in some emergency situations.)

Your son has gone into unrelated foster care and is saying he is not going back to the grandparents. You want to know whether you can see him in placement and whether he could return home to you given your circumstances have changed.

A care order means you, as mum, will still have legal parental responsibility. The local authority will also have legal parental responsibility, by virtue of the care order. Therefore you should be involved with decisions that relate to your son but they can overrule you.

I suggest you speak to the social worker and ask about contact with your son and say you want them to consider re- uniting your son home to you.
Also contact the Independent reviewing officer .

Because your son’s placement with his grandparents has broken down, there should be an emergency LAC review which will look at his care plan including your contact and where he will live. The LAC review is chaired by the independent reviewing officer.

The social worker will need to carry out an assessment to look at your suggestions. The assessment would also identify what support is needed to support a return home-to ensure that it is successful.

Your son leaving his grandparents will also affect your daughter who remains living there so her needs would also be assessed.

Have a look at our advice sheet about re-uniting children home from care.

I hope this advice helps. I know you are worried about your son. If you have any questions, please post again.
Best wishes,

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