Social services, type 1 diabetic & child safety plan

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Social services, type 1 diabetic & child safety plan

Post by Lotslottie » Thu Aug 15, 2019 8:43 am

Morning all,
Sorry super long post!!!
2 weeks ago my husband had a bad hypo,( a low blood sugar, due to him being a type 1 diabetic, insulin injection dependant) this wasn't his normal low blood sugar where he would normally go very weak, slumped in a corner, and barely able to move(normally fixed by carbs and sugary foods) it was an aggressive one, where he can have conversations with people, super human strength, and although he seems in control of his body, he really isn't, followed by a hazy memory of events afterwards......
Anyway, so 2 weeks ago my husband had an isolated incident of having a bad hypo, which resulted in our 16 year old daughter being scared senseless by him when he grabbed her and held her to the floor. She managed to get away and ran out the house to an estranged family members house and they called social services (the next day) . My hubby has no recollection of events what so ever, and can't remember even walking into the house from being out with the youngest....
There was a lead up to the event on how it occurred. Now, that day was a funny day as it started at 5am for us both due to taking our eldest daughter to hospital, whilst waiting - we went for food (7.30am)we wouldn't normally eat at that time. He then over injected his insulin due to a fault in his injection 'pen' and we didn't think anything of it as we have obviously dealt with 100s of low blood sugars before. Later that day I went out and he went swimming with our youngest.
So after all this kicked off, 16 year old scared senseless, (he didn't hit her or hurt her but obviously scared the crap out of her) I said to hubby it would be best for him to leave the house for a few days until things calmed down and she fully understood it was a rare aggressive hypo.... Obviously he did without question.
Social services ring me (next day) . They inform me, he isn't allowed back in the house until an assessment is complete. Police were called by estranged member also and they came out (2 days after incident and took daughters statement)....
6 days after the incident my husband finally gets to speak to the assigned social worker when he obtains a phone number for her, to which he was told he was not allowed to return home for 45 days, and it wouldn't begin until that particular day. He asked for it in writing to which she refused. She then argues with him on the phone for 5 mins as to why she won't send it in writing.... Email servers aren't secure to send emails, she was concerned who he would show it to etc.
2 days later (Wednesday) she home visits me and interviews myself and my other daughter. I asked about the care plan that was in place, as she described it to my husband as that, and corrected me and said its called a safety plan? Has anyone had any dealings with one before? She said that she Had to complete her report within a 45 day window and it's RECOMMENDED my husband stays away from the house. I have seen no paperwork at this time. I explain he is my carer due to brain illness and isolated incident and I have no family to help.
Husband has interview with her, she states if your wife can't cope on her own and your diabetes is out of control (which it's not, it was an isolated incident) clearly we've got a serious problem. He challenged her statement and asked if she knew how diabetes worked. She replied no and that she has no interest, it's not in her job role to know the health side of things. (fair enough, but it's relevant to the case)
Social worker came out to interview kids and explained husband can have contact but he isn't allowed in house. (his family live down south, so he's had to move out of the area altogether and drive backwards and forwards for interviews for social services and police)
I have had no paperwork or shown any paperwork regarding any plan.
She has lied to husband regarding him Having to stay away when it was just a recommendation
She told husband the case only started when she received it yet another social worker told me it was already 13 days into the case (when other told us it was 4)
I feel she was discriminate against his chronic illness he was born with
Despite husband having no record with police, and it being a medical incident and not a criminal act he has been given a caution which will now stay on his record for 6 years.
Is there anything we can do?? I feel she is dragging her heels a lot and wanting to find something against my husband. Our girls are devistated by this all.

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Re: Social services, type 1 diabetic & child safety plan

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Thu Sep 05, 2019 12:29 pm

Dear Lotslottie

Welcome to the parents discussion board and thank you for your post. My name is Suzie, FRG’s online adviser. I am sorry to hear of the difficulties that you and your family are experiencing and also that we were not able to respond to you sooner.

It sounds as if you and your family have a number of difficulties to contend with, including your husband’s diabetes and your own health needs for which your husband is your carer. These should be considered by the social worker as part of the assessment, including whether you or your husband would benefit from any additional support, perhaps from Adult Social Care, and also how these may affect your parenting. You could contact Adult Social Care yourselves if you felt that you need their involvement. Neither of you should be discriminated against for having disabilities but how they impact on the children should be thought about.

However, the main reason for children’s services’ involvement is the incident where your daughter ran to another family member’s home to get away as she had been very scared by her father’s behaviour. You have explained very well the impact your husband’s diabetes had on his behaviour but you do acknowledge how frightened your daughter was and you did ask him to move out temporarily as a result of this. You add that he was given a caution for the incident which you see as being medically related. However, it is likely that children’s services will take account of this definition of a caution which is where someone admits to a minor crime.

Your husband has since been asked to remain outside of the family home while the social worker is completing her assessment which she said was 45 working days. This timescale is correct but it does begin once children’s services decide to do an assessment (within 24 hours of receiving a referral).

You are right that the social worker’s request is a recommendation – it is not a court order – but it is a recommendation that should be taken seriously. This is because it usually means that the child/ren in the family can remain safely at home with a protective parent without being intimidated or put at risk in any way by the parent about whom there are concerns while these are being looked into. So it is a way that parents can keep children safe at home and show that they are willing to work with their social worker to allow the assessment to be completed. However, as this is causing particular difficulties for you due to your health needs then it is something which children’s services should take into account and consider how best to support you or if there is an alternative plan that could be put in place that keeps the children safe but also supports the family.

If you and your husband decide that you no longer agree to him remaining outside the family home then children’s services would need to consider what action they would take i.e. would they go to court to seek to remove the children? It would be best to know what they would do first and make an informed decision based on this.

It is not unusual that you have not received any paperwork yet – the main report will be the assessment report which is not yet completed. However if there is a ‘written agreement’ or temporary safety plan you should have a copy and have a chance to agree/disagree or amend it.

If the social worker is concerned about the security of sending information (this is valid as it is sensitive personal information) you or your husband could ask her to hand-deliver, send by recorded delivery or allow you to come into the office to pick up any written information.

I think you should ask the social worker to keep you fully updated about her assessment, to give you feedback on any checks that she has done and to tell you if any new concerns have arisen (so that you can do something about them if they have) and what positives she has found.

If there is any support you think your family would benefit from this is the time to ask for it or if you think your families could help in some way you could ask for a family group conference .

Our advice sheets on family support , child protection and family group conferences and the FAQS on these processes should help explain more.

If you would like to talk through your situation with an adviser please do ring our Freephone advice helpline on 0808 801 0366 Mon to Fri, 9.30 to 3.00, or post again if you have a new query.

I hope that everything works out.

With best wishes


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