Intial Child Protection Conference

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Intial Child Protection Conference

Post by LMBSE1971 » Mon Jun 24, 2019 1:57 pm

I am desperately afraid

My ex and I had a very volatile relationship and I was very dependent on his as i lacked family or outside support. We have two children ages 8 and 12,

Last year things got really bad, wed split up and reconciled and were fighting a lot mainly due to him being very controlling and jealous. He presented himself at the local police station claiming to be a victim of domestic abuse (all previous occurences had been him abusing me)

No action was taken but from then Social Services have been involved, He moved out and I have tried to keep contact with him but he is still very jealous and controlling, the children are very well loved and well cared for and given lots of activities and opportunities, our house is immaculate, they are well fed and achieving very well at school although my 8 year old was traumatised by all that happened and has low self esteem and tends to be anxious, I also suffer from extreme anxiety (as a result of everything) and have broken down and become quite hysterical in front of the SW on several occasions.

The initial report they wrote was very unfair, describing me as a "pushy mother" and "unable to identify risk"?? (I work full time in a profession al job) and "unable to provide my children with safety and security"

SS have been involved for about 9 months with informal meetings and chats and putting me on the freedom programme but it has suddenly intensified after I absolutely fell apart during a "care and support meeting"which felt more like a trial. I made a complaint to the LEA about the way the SW was behaving towards me and all of a sudden its escalated to Child Protection

There is a conference on Friday, I am an absolute mess and have become quite hysterical again several times, I have a parent advocate from NYAS coming to see me tommorrow and the children have advocates too, The house isnt too bad but I've let the housework go over the last few days and am worried about that

Please tell me are they intending to take my children away? They twist the things i say and lie and make me feel like a criminal, They disbeleive me and treat me as if I am insane and a danger to the children. I am so broken and exhausted by it all

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Re: Intial Child Protection Conference

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Fri Jul 26, 2019 12:50 pm

See my responses to your later posts.

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