Advice needed have cpc hearing tomorrow

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Advice needed have cpc hearing tomorrow

Post by Keb40 » Mon May 13, 2019 11:22 am

Hi, my son has been subject to claims that the has sexually abused a girl for a second time. He has special needs and is in fact quite immature for his age ( the girl has needs)
Social services have conducted a section 47 but had not told us they were doing so before speaking to our son - is this normal ?

The Sw came out on 30/04 and this was the first time we re aware of the allegations, he has not been out to speak to the whole family in our home together and has only met with us once.

We have now had a letter to attend a cpc tomorrow, he has not informed us as to the outcome of his assessment and in the report we have received there are several inaccuracies including dates and ages, he has accused us of not taking the matter seriously and that we don’t put our son first ( this is not the case we both work full time and have advised in several occasions the difficulty in picking him up from school which is what keeps being suggested) he has only been to speak to us once on 30th April not since then, and has not even been out to speak to our son regarding tomorrow’s meeting
since this new incident began I have been extremely stressed and it is affecting my health
I don’t know if he should have visited us last week to explain what was happening and I only got a phone call at 4pm Friday wanting to meet with us, unfortunately we had other plans we were unable to cancel and he is coming out later today
We are not happy as we don’t feel we are being informed or supported at all or that the Sw is trying to work with usand are really worried about tomorrow as we have never been through this before, I had to ask our sons school to explain to him what was going on.
Any advice as to how we need to deal this would be appreciated and also wether we are allowed to request a change of Sw

I have tried to get through just t advice line but haven’t been able to

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Re: Advice needed have cpc hearing tomorrow

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:11 am

Dear Keb40

Welcome to the parents’ discussion board and thank you for your post. I am very sorry that we were not able to respond to your query before now and that you were unable to get through to the Freephone advice line before you posted. We are currently receiving a high volume of calls and posts to the forum.

The initial child protection conference will already have happened by now and so you will know if your son now has a child protection plan or if there is a child in need plan in place for him. I am sorry to hear how distressing the whole process has been for you and your family.

You ask if children’s services should have told you before they spoke to your son as part of the child protection (section 47) investigation . In most situations, parents should be asked for permission before a social worker speaks to a child but there are some exceptional circumstances – see below:

For example, if they are concerned that you might threaten your child or try to make your child stay silent, or your child doesn't want you involved.

I know that your son has special needs though and this should have been properly taken into account too before he was spoken to. When you have a disabled child the same child protection processes will be followed for you as any other parent. However, the social worker carrying out the assessment should also consider any special needs your child may have. For example your child may need an interpreter or someone who understands their individual communication needs. I think you should ask the social worker to clarify how /why this decision was made and to ensure that in future you are asked first.

The child protection process is even more stressful where parents feel that they are not being kept informed or where there are errors in reports. The social worker is expected to share their report with you before a conference and good practice recommends that this is two days beforehand although current government guidance is less specific and only says that the information should be explained and discussed with you and your child before the conference.

The outcome of the social worker’s assessment, I think, was to proceed to an initial child protection conferences but the report should make clear what his recommendation was in respect of a plan and services.

You can certainly ask (in writing) for any factual errors to be corrected.

You can ask for a change of social worker (in many local authorities there will always be a new social worker allocated after a conference has been held) but it is at the team manager’s discretion whether to do this or not.

It is important to find a way of addressing any concerns you have about how your family has been treated in the process whilst also cooperating with the professionals and getting your son any help or support that he may need.

Perhaps you would like to provide an updating post if you have any further queries now that the conference has happened.

As the concern is an allegation that your son has sexually abused another child (both children have special needs) and the social worker stated their view that you have not taken the matter seriously perhaps you would find the following website information helpful:

Parents Protect
Stop It Now
NICE Guidance on sexually harmful behaviour amongst children and young people

You may have already found our advice sheets on family support , child protection , and advocacy which may be useful to you.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch again if you need any further advice.

With best wishes


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