Solicitor reccomendations in ****

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Solicitor reccomendations in ****

Post by swim » Thu Apr 11, 2019 11:39 am

Hi all,

Myself and my wife are currently in court proceedings and are looking to change solicitors as ours just aren't fighting our case at all - I'm not saying that they are telling us uncomfortable truths (which is important) but they just haven't fought our case at all and have a worrying habit of defending the misconduct of social services.

We're based in **** so can anyone recommend any solicitor firms that are worth looking into? Many thanks in advance :-)
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Re: Solicitor reccomendations in ****

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Wed May 08, 2019 12:25 pm

Dear swim

Welcome to the parents’ discussion board and thank you for your post. I am sorry that we were not able to reply to your query sooner; the board is very active at the moment.

I understand that you are in care proceedings at the moment, are unhappy with your solicitors and looking into finding alternative solicitors.

Here is some information about what to do if you are dissatisfied with how your solicitor is handling your case which might help you:

• Talk to your solicitor about your concerns. This gives them a chance to put things right for you
• Think about what positive steps they could take that might help, for example:
o Meeting with you to answer questions about your case
o Updating you more regularly
o Putting their advice in writing to you with a summary of the case and the action they are taking for you
o Explaining whether you will get the chance to give evidence if you want to and if not, why not.

• If you are still unhappy about how your solicitor is handling your case, then you may want to put your concern in writing. You can ask for it to be treated as a complaint. All firms of solicitors must have a complaints procedure. They must give you information about it in their first meeting with you.
• If you are still not satisfied with the way your solicitor is dealing with your case, you can also try to find a different solicitor, but be aware that this can take some time when you are receiving legal aid. You can also complain about your solicitor to the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

You don’t say how long the case has been going – this can impact on your ability to instruct new solicitors – especially if the case is near ending. It is advisable that you and your wife have separate solicitors, in most cases.

If you are still looking for a new solicitor you can check the : Law Society: Find a solicitor website for solicitors in your area – it is best to find a solicitor who is a member of the Children Law Accreditation Scheme, as they have experience in care proceedings.

You may also find our advice sheet on care proceedings useful.

With best wishes


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