Seeking advice Children placed with Grandparent

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Seeking advice Children placed with Grandparent

Postby Murray72 » Fri Feb 23, 2018 12:14 pm

I am seeking any helpful advice on behalf of my friend, her Grandchildren have been placed with her on an EPO due to non- accidental injuries to one of the children. The Daughter and her partner (not children's dad) are both on police bail.

My friend is in shock and is holding things together well for the children both under 6 years old, it looks like it may be a long term placement but is very early days, where can she turn for help and support? Her employer is understanding at the moment, she doesn't know how long for? Children's Service's are saying they have no funding to assist with nursery fee's for the youngest or taxi's to the school.

Is there any financial support available? So far only 2 family members have been approved by CS to help care for the children, and they both work full-time also so she has virtually no support either. Her Daughter (children's Mother) is a bit of nightmare and relies on her on for emotional support, whilst the initial removal was for non accidental injuries it looks like long term mental health issues, domestic violence and neglect are also issues been looked at.

I have asked my friend to phone the help line but I just wondered if any Grandparents out there had helpful advice??

Thank you so much.

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Re: Seeking advice Children placed with Grandparent

Postby Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:38 pm

Dear Murray72

Thank you for your post.

It is clear that you are concerned about your friend’s situation having had her grandchildren placed in her care.

I must say that I am very surprised at the local authority’s behaviour towards your friend. The fact that an emergency protection order was made in their favour means that they have parental responsibility for the children. An emergency protection order lasts for only a very short period of time so it is likely that there is now an interim care order in place. Even if this is not yet in place it is still the case that the children are in care, your friend should be assessed as and treated as a foster carer.

The responsibility for the children as looked after children rests with children’s services so they cannot say that they cannot afford to pay for nursery or other childcare if needed.

Your friend might wish to read our advice sheet regarding the duties children’s service have when a child is in the care system.

In addition our advice sheet about taking on a vulnerable child in an emergency may be of assistance to your friend.

Children’s service should have a placement and care plan for the children as well.

I suggest your friend put in writing to children’s services asking them the legal framework under which she is caring for the children. As stated above, from the information you have provided your friend should have been assessed as a foster carer, paid the appropriate fostering allowance from the date the children were placed with her. Children’s services have a responsibility to provide for the children’s needs including travel to school and a nursery placement if this is deemed necessary.

Your friend could join the family and friends carers discussion forum to get further support

I hope this is helpful and that your friend will call the advice line if she needs further advice.

Best wishes


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Re: Seeking advice Children placed with Grandparent

Postby Murray72 » Thu Mar 01, 2018 5:19 pm

Thank You Suzie,

I will pass this information on and hope it helps.

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