childcare conference

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childcare conference

Postby SA** » Fri Sep 08, 2017 4:00 pm

Hi. My son and his partner have 2 boys aged 2 yrs and 7 months. After a argument his partner rang the police and accused my son of throwing a hair brush at her missing her but hit the 7 month old. All 3 were put in a safe house and referred to social services. Since then his partner as chsngrd her story saying it wasnt a brush but clothing. After a few weeks the police contacted my son advising they had dropped the charge as there was no evidence. Hospital staff reported the boys were well. The police confimed he was free to contact his partner and children. Out of curticy my son contacted the social worker to advise but she recommend no contact as the police hadn't informed her. My son's partner got in touch and asked if he would like to have the children. Out of desperation to see them he did and sw found out. She has now got in touch with police to escalate a conference to put the boys on the protection register. Any advise of what may happen at the meeting. My son is just anxious to get this resolved asap thank you.

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Re: childcare conference

Postby Suzie, FRG Adviser » Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:37 pm

Dear SA**,

Wecome to the Parents Forum. I am sorry to hear about the difficulties your son’s family have experienced.

The police were mistaken to advise your son that he could now get in touch with his partner and children. I assume they were referring to bail conditions being lifted once they had decided they did not have enough evidence to prosecute your son. Instead, they should have advised him to check with children services. Has your son let the social worker know what the police advised him?
Had the social worker also told the family in writing that they could not be in touch with each other?

Your question is about what happens at a child protection conference.

Here is some information about child protection conferences and FAQ’s that he may find helpful.

Because the risks of harm to the children relate to allegations of domestic violence, it is possible that the conference will be split into two sections to keep mum and dad separate.
Your son should receive the social worker’s written report before the conference. He needs to check through and amend any errors and make sure his views as dad are reflected in the report. Or if this is not possible, due to time pressures, he needs to make sure that he lets the chairperson who manages the conference his response to the report.

Your son may want the support of a solicitor or an advocate to assist him at the conference.

At the conference, which will probably last about an hour to 2 hours, the professionals invited, will share information about the family.
At the end of the conference, the chair person will sum up the evidence and ask the professionals to vote on whether or not they suspect the children may have suffered significant harm or have been placed at risk of harm and whether the risk is ongoing. If they decide that it is, a child protection plan will be prepared in respect of any child who is considered to be at risk. The plans will last up to 12 weeks and will be reviewed at a further conference.
Here is information about child protection plans ..

If the conference decides that the children are not at an ongoing risk, they may suggest that there be a child in need plan (with the parent’s consent) or no plan at all.
I hope this advice and information helps. Please post back if you have any questions.

Best wishes,


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Re: childcare conference

Postby SA** » Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:27 pm

Thank you for your reply. At the conference it was decided the children be placed on the register on the grounds of neglect as my son's ex had failed to provide for them financially, failed to keep health check up appts. My son has agreed to complete a domestic violence course and they have agreed for my son to have supervised contact with his sons pending a police check being completed on my other son who will supervise contact. The police check was apparently put through on urgent which was 23 days ago and he is still waiting. We haven't seen our boys since July and as their so young worry they won't remember us. I feel th sw as a vendetta against us an is dragging this out. Is there anyway I can find out th progress of the police check without asking ss ? We are desperate to see the boys and miss them terribly. Also my son has never signed a written agreement not to have contact but has agreed verbally.Thank you for your help.

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