fathers chances of contact

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Re: fathers chances of contact

Post by worriedmum81 » Wed Apr 25, 2018 12:32 pm

Thank you for your advice Suzie. My partner has been told an assessment of myself will start within 4 weeks. My sons own social worker has said she is not allowed to finish her assessment of my partner as he is no longer living with me. I believe the order has been extended due to his diagnosis of autism and because he is further education. I was thinking of what you said about the relationship between my partners children and their mother and though it was with good intention that I was hoping to help due to having been in a similar position of losing my own children and sympathise with her to some extent I can see what you mean about it being misinterpreted. I will support my partner and be there for him and his children in whatever form is best.
There are frustrations in waiting but it is slowly going in the right direction

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