Having Issues with Social Services

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Re: Having Issues with Social Services

Post by toronto1998 » Wed Mar 07, 2018 9:57 pm


Well the SW did come to visit. There are no issues whatsoever!!!

The Safety plan has changed again by name and is now called a Family Plan. :roll:

After a meeting to finalise the plan and also taking our daughter off Child in Need, it is definitely apparent that the local police force have not spoken to the alleged person. I (20/2) have escalated my concerns to the Chief Constable who has returned my text message "I will see where we are with the case" I am still awaiting an update.

I am also in the process of complaining to Local Social Services.


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Re: Having Issues with Social Services update!!

Post by toronto1998 » Tue Jun 05, 2018 9:38 pm


I thought I should put an update with the hope i can get some further help.

Since my last post I have filed an official complaint at stage 1 with my local Children's Services

My complaint was
 The lack of safeguarding, protection for my daughter. I put safeguarding in place, not Child services, yet this was never minuted in the minutes, and I am left with the feeling with all the negativity instead of the rewards of protecting my child.
 Risk factors – doesn’t matter how big or small - there is a risk.
 Child and Family Assessment report and the opinion of the Social Worker at that time.
 Failure to inform Adult Social Services with regards to the allegations and the lack of urgency to inform the employer(s)
 Feeling ganged upon by the social worker.
 Feeling that the social workers were siding with the mother and the alleged abuse. On these matters I felt I wasn’t being heard, and no matter what/how the mother was always in the right. (Yes its ok to walk away from your child and live with the alleged abuser, we will support you!)
 What can Child services do? Contact, safety etc
 Safety Plans, how many times does it need to have its title changed? Family plan, safety plan

The result of this complaint was "I therefore uphold your complaint and I am sorry that we did not get it quite right this time. I have explored what you wanted to achieve. I am sorry that the assessment is not balanced and impartial however I believe that we did still follow correct procedure and I wanted to reassure you of that, albeit we could have worked more quickly."

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