Managed contact and Social Work

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Managed contact and Social Work

Post by Kraken » Sat Mar 03, 2018 1:36 am


Social work has made my contact with my children managed and they dictate how many hours a week I see them which has become three hours. I feel like Social Work are punishing me. I split from my partner three years ago and have had regular contact with my children and had them every weekend for two nights. Over Christmas and New Year my exes new boyfriend physically and sexually abused my youngest daughter. She ended up in hospital on life support with life threatening injuries. I had been living inside the hospital alongside her in the full six weeks she had been there. Social work are denying she had been abused simply stating "we don't know what happened". They have placed all the children back in the house where it happened despite my protestations. The kids are traumatised and are scared in the house, they don't want to be there. One of them has flashbacks and can't sleep in her bed. Social Work know and told her it wasn't that bad and just to deal with it. The person they have appointed to care for them has threatened her not to talk. Suddenly Social Work have restricted my contact saying that it is in the children's best interest for stability and not to have too much change in their lives. 48 hour contact becomes 3 hour contact and that isn't too much change? My ex has supervised contact but she sees them three times a week for three to four hours at a time. Also she has broken the order on her and freely goes in whenever she wants. The case is still to go to court but the guy is in custody and been charged. I have done absolutely nothing wrong, never posed a risk or harm to my children yet I am being punished. My ex has a history of neglect to the children going back twelve years and the Social Work are making it so that she gets all the kids back with her. They want to lift her order and supervision (not that it has stopped her seeing them regardless). It is unbelievable what the Social Work are doing. They have put the children into an unsafe house with an unsafe family. They have ignored all concerns raised. I have asked them to make all contact with me in writing but haven't heard a thing. They haven't put any psychological help in place for the children despite me asking for it. They don't want the children talking. They are covering things up. They are not allowing the two older children who are teenagers to go to any of the panels or court hearings, not allowing them to speak for themselves. What is frustrating is that everyone is listening to the lies of the Social Work and believing them and taking their recommendations. They are like some kind of Mafia but I am not going to lie down to them. These children are unhappy and unsafe and I need to get them out of that.

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Re: Managed contact and Social Work

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon Mar 05, 2018 6:27 pm

Dear Kraken

I am sorry to read about your distressing situation. Your post seems to say that there has been a court case; it may be ongoing and that the children are in the care of foster carers who may or may not be related to them. You also say that the mother has unlimited contact with the children and they may at some time be returned to her care? If there is an ongoing court case about where the children should live when the matter next comes before a judge you may be able to express your concerns about the local authority’s plans for the care of the children, particularly if you say that one of the children was harmed in the care environment and that a criminal court case related to that harm will begin. In court cases related to children the children will have a representative who will speak to them and share their views with the judge. Perhaps you could consult with your solicitor (if you have one) about your children’s voices not ‘being heard’.

You said that you had a contact in respect of your children, was this through a Child Arrangements Order, by mutual agreement between you and the mother or through a care order or care proceedings? Social workers can temporarily change contact arrangements but they will need to tell you why less contact with you is in the children’s best interests. You have said that you asked the social workers to communicate with you in writing, it may be useful to put this request in writing and ask for the ‘official reason’ why your contact has been reduced from weekend contact to three hours.

Our advice sheets that may be useful to you are, Care (and related) proceedings, Contact with children in care. The Duties on Children’s Services when children are in the care system and information about Child Arrangements Orders.

I am sorry if this response seems short but from what you have written it is not clear to me what the ‘legal statuses’ of your children are. It would be helpful to us if you were able to clarify your situation. If you would like a more detailed response or would like to speak to us on our confidential advice service, please call, 0808 801 0366, Monday to Friday, lines are open, 9.30am to 3.00pm.

Best wishes


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