Please any advice

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Please any advice

Post by waffle32 » Thu Jun 30, 2016 8:57 am

Hi, i have never posted here before and im unsure where to post this so excuse me if its not the correct forum.
I will try and keep it as short as i can.
In January this year, police showed up at my parents house (im 33 and do not live at home) and said that they were investigating just my father for having an indecent image on his laptop. It was flagged up by aol as he sent an e mail that included an image of someone under 18. The police were nice and spoke through the process what was going to happen. They explained to my mother aswell as my father was distraught.
They did the usual taking some items from the house, but also explained to him that it was at the lower end of the scale and there was on only one image. My father cant remember anything that was sent that would include an indecent image, and i know alot of people must say that.
Anyway he willing went to the police station and spoke to them and had no problem with them looking round the house.
They didn't charge him, they didn't caution him they just said it was under investigation until more evidence.
This then meant i had to deal with social services as i have 2 children which i understand they have to advise me on certain aspects.

The main issue is my mother works for a county council and has worked with kids for years she has all the qualifications and had all the checks and is highly regarded in her role. Now obviously this is now a concern as they update the cbs/dbs forms and now on the new forms it has added questions about anyone who lives in the household who is being investigated and what for etc.
My mum cant afford to lose her job and the shame it will bring and the distrust and knock on effect on the family all because my father is a moron.
So is there any advice in regards to if my mum fills the form out whats the process in regards to the process at work and how they will conduct any investigation. Is it best she resigns to avoid the shame and embarrassment that this will bring as she has close friends at work and does not want anyone to think differently of her. Im at a loss of how to help her and its crushing her and can ruin her career and house and life.

Just to add: my mother knew nothing of this indecent photo, she is not under investigation and the police have no issue with my mum this is solely my stupid father.
Thanks in advance

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Re: Please any advice

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Wed Jul 13, 2016 2:17 pm

Dear waffle32,

I am sorry to hear that the police are carrying out an investigation in relation to your father having an indecent image of a child on his laptop.

Your mother works with children and you are worried how this will affect your mothers DBS (disclosure and barring service) check?

To get detailed advice about your question, you could call the DBS advice line on
Telephone: 0300 0200 190
Welsh: 0300 0200 191
Minicom: 0300 0200 192
International: +44 151 676 9390
Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm Saturday, 10am to 5pm

If your mother is in a trade union, and she is concerned that her employment will be affected, I suggest that she speaks to her union representative.

I hope this helps

Best wishes,


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