can you trust social services

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Re: can you trust social services

Post by Cacw » Mon Mar 30, 2020 5:12 am

Child services should abolished and reformed with professionals and family focused. I’ve seen nothing but corruption, lies, manipulation and closed ranks with the exception of one cafcass officer who did the pre hearing assessment but unfortunately was not the cafcass representative at the hearing. SC don’t care about the children, only placing them anywhere as fast as possible to sign off. My ex had just remarried so I didn’t matter

My court proceedings are over and due to two very good qualified judges , all is agreed. However as the first judge said, this family should not have been in court proceedings and ignored the cafcass woman in court who had obviously an agenda or had spoken to my ex in the break

I have negligence issues with XXXXXX child services putting me at the the mercy of my abusive ex husband, narcissist, very charming, my concerns were ignored, refusal to assist in restoring status quo, forcing a court battle, bias to my ex with no regard for the children but just to close a case, refusal of social workers manager to answer my calls or my health visitors, the assessment was biased fabricated and even copied from one child to next comments without changing the name. The child services officer saw me 7 week after the incident... to sign off the case but encouraged my ex to keep controlling my contact which was the opposite of her communication with myself and a health worker witness. Her emails to my ex are rude about me and biased and contradictory to her emails to me. The whole process was corrupt. I am closer to our children than my ex, I am only telling you this to understand the harm social services did to them. Failure to understand what lead to the horrible day, failure to see the role my ex had and failure to understand that when I made excuses it was because I was devastated with shame. What happened to working with separated families to the end. It’s incredible to say but social services caused devastating prolonged emotional harm to our children compared to even my actions!

The cafcass report was performed professionally by a cafcass officer but the report totally disregarded by the cafcass officer attending court who changed her opinion after a recess, called into question my children’s wishes.

The judge went against her opinion and saw the true picture and s that was need was a doctors report. However the caff as officer in court decided to contact my ex husband after the court date and encourage him to contact social services again! This led to about £ 15000 extra I paid whilst getting back to work after long illness cancer etc , ignoring the judges wishes to agree ASAP

Thankfully the judge at the second hearing was as horrified as my legal team and I and carefully told my ex to put the children first. This didn’t completely happen until 2 months later due to the damage the court cafcass officer did.

My question is after all of this ( bearing in mind now my children and I couldn’t be closer or happier) how on earth did this happen and what went wrong?
Should I be suing them for the financial harm and emotional ?
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Re: can you trust social services

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon Apr 06, 2020 2:36 pm

Dear Cacw

Welcome to FRG’s parents’ discussion board and thank you for your post. My name is Suzie, FRG’s online adviser. I am sorry that I was not able to respond to your query sooner.

I am also sorry to hear that you and your family have had some difficulties and that you have been though a stressful court case. I am glad though that you say at the end of your post that that you and your children couldn’t be closer or happier.

You are very dissatisfied with the involvement children’s services’ had with your children in the past. I think, from what you say, that social workers may have placed your children in their father’s care or asked him to keep caring for them following an incident or concern and that he (who you describe as abusive and controlling) then retained care of the children, leading to a private law court case about who the children should live with and have contact with. I am sorry if I have misinterpreted anything that you have said.

You explain why you are so unhappy with the social worker and their manager’s practice and you dispute information contained in a social work assessment which you describe as biased and fabricated. You think that children’s services were negligent and ask should you be suing them for financial and emotional harm.

You are also dissatisfied with one of the CAFCASS worker involved We are not able to advise about CAFCASS but they have their own complaints procedure which you can find here.

When you disagree strongly with what children’s service do or say and you cannot resolve this the best thing to do usually is make a complaint within a year of the action/decision you want to complain about. Complaints will not address issues that were looked into and decided in a court case. It is usually best if any concerns about information provided to the court are addressed in the court proceedings. Complaints can usually look into problems with the social worker, how the department communicated with you etc.

Suing children’s services is not an easy thing to do, proving negligence is difficult and a court case (as you know) can be very costly and complicated. I don’t think it would be a wise course of action and would definitely recommend you get legal advice from a solicitor specialising in this area of law if it is something you are considering. You can find out more here about the different ways of challenging decisions and making complaints .

All of the above is the current procedure. However, at the moment due to the current coronavirus (Covid 19) crisis there are major changes taking place. The Department for Education has just published new guidance for children’s social care and it is not yet clear if they will start to do things differently (in relation to complaints) so please do post an update if you go ahead with a complaint and find that it is not being dealt with in accordance with the current regulations.

Parents who have exhausted their local complaints process and proceeded to make a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman should see their coronavirus update which states that they have:

‘.. Suspended all casework activity that demands information from, or action by, local authorities and care providers, in light of the current Coronavirus outbreak.

The Ombudsman has taken this step in the wider public interest, to protect the capacity of local authorities and care providers to deliver vital frontline services during the current outbreak.’

I hope that this information has been helpful to you.

With best wishes


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