in need of so much help mys babys are my world

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gemsmom of8
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in need of so much help mys babys are my world

Post by gemsmom of8 » Mon Mar 03, 2014 11:40 pm

hi im a mother of 8 children 7 boys 1 girl and pregnant with my 8th I have 1 step son with my current partner of 1yr his the father of my daughter who im carrying now which I only have 11 weeks left the ss took all my children away from me they r now on intrem care order and in foster care im in the middle of fitghing to get them bk they just took them from school almost 5 wks ago I am I gd parent ive never hurt my children or neglect them as they r saying and now they have them they r trying to say my my partner has hurt them which I know 4 a fact he hasn't as im with my children all the time they say he done when im out which its very very rare so I know its impossible t they r getting my children to lie about him by promising them everything how can they do that they r saying my kids have said that my partner has hit me and them and all sorts which is a lie again yes we have rows but it was 2 all do with ss getting invold my solicitor to top it all is working with ss so now I have to change my solicitor some1 who will work with me not against me im finding it so hard atm they told me I must leave my partner which ive done even thou I know he done nothing wrong he seeking legal advice to they force me to go in2 a women refuge and making me out like im a victim which im not its them making me a victim but now ive decided to go bk with my family and get my support with them as they r trying to make me turn against every1 they r the 1s trying to control me using my kids against me pulling my heart string as they know I love my children with all my heart I just don't know what to do how do u fight the ss when I know 4 a fact what they r doing is wrong I need real help as I don't want 2 lose my children 4 gd and my un born taken from when I give birth
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Re: ss are getting my children to lie

Post by blueplain » Tue Mar 04, 2014 9:31 am

Unfortunately if your children have made statements of abuse it would be extremely difficult to disprove or fight to demonstrate it is not true.

The only thing you can do at this moment and to not loose the baby that's coming and to get your other children back is to have your partner leave.

I know it is completely unfair but that's what you need to do if you want your children.

You need to ask him to leave and maintain the separation. He needs to not make any contact with you and the contact should only be through a solicitor.

While you do this you need to attend courses around abuse etc.

I know you do not need this but these are the steps to return your children. You need to demonstrate that the welfare of your children comes first and that you can create a safe environment while the services conduct there investigation.

You also need to cooperate with your social worker and not to argue.

Over time the assessment will come to a decision if your partner can return and not be deemed a risk to your children. The more you both cooperated, while maintaining the separation the sooner your children can return and the better the outcome of the assessment.

I know this is not what you want to hear but I have told you exactly what needs to be done. I am very sorry you are in the position you are in and I hope you heed my advice. The FRG will give you further use full advice and legal information.

Kind regards


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Re: ss are getting my children to lie

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Fri Mar 07, 2014 1:30 pm

Dear gemsmomof8

Welcome to the parent's board. My name is Suzie, one of the Family Rights Group's online advisers.

I am sorry you are going through such a difficult time and that the current situation is so distressing for you.

Can I suggest that you continue to fully cooperate with the professional assessments that are being completed in respect of your children and work closely with your solicitor in the: care proceedings that are taking place.

You may also wish to request a : family group conference so that you can be involved in making decisions about the children's future alongside supportive family members.

If you wish to speak to one of our advisers can I suggest you contact our advice line on 0808 801 0366 Monday to Friday 09.30 am to 03.00 pm.

Best Wishes


gemsmom of8
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help will the ss take my un born to

Post by gemsmom of8 » Fri Apr 04, 2014 10:07 pm

hi again my post I made before I believe that my children are not lying its so sad I didn't think the man would hurt my children because I hadn't seen it and my children didn't seem different round him or scared so I did believe him for a while I was having contact with my children 2 times a week but stupid me went back to my ex I don't know why but I did he had me believe no one was helping me the ss was against me on my last contact 3 painful weeks ago they asked me to choose and I didn't I walked away thinking they couldn't do that why on why im thinking now the worst mistake of my life I wish I told them but I didn't say nothing and because of that the next day I was arrested on allegation of wilful neglect of my children and my ex was arrested on child assault on my children which im still fighting for my children back I think they done because of me going back with the ex it was harsh but I understand why because I made the worst mistake ever in going back with him for a while he made me believe he wouldn't do that to my children he swore on our unborn babys life stupid me and now im on bail until my due date so I cant have contact with my children so the day I got arrested and got let out ive left him I put the ex on my bail so he couldn't come near or my unborn again as I feel sick now in knowing what they said to about what he did to my children if id seen him if id seen my children scared I would of took them away from him I didnt see him hurt them I should of listen and none of this would of happened I should of left but he was so clever in mind control but as im fighting now to get my children back they want to take my unborn to they going for legal proceeding im so devastated so heart breaking because they don't belive me that I wont go back with him as this is his child so they see it as a high risk but I never would go back not ever now im on a course now doing freedom program which is very eye opening you don't realise how someone does control you and im just starting a parent course next week im invold in the womans aid now is there any more support I can get to convinced them I would keep this baby safe while trying to get my other children back I don't want to lose this one to im trying to be strong but its so hard ive got a solicitor to help I just want to prove I wont go back and prove I will keep me and my baby safe from harm what else can i do im so so scared my baby going to be taken I miss my other children so much ive never felt so much pain in my life and its hurt more each day but I have to be strong for them aswell hoping I will get them back what else can I do to prove to ss and a judge I can safeguard my children and my unborn so she wont be taken I only have 6weeks 4day left in pregnancy any help is gratefull I love my children in all the world and want them back so much

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