proof of perjury and manipulation

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proof of perjury and manipulation

Post by 96PDE » Thu Jun 25, 2020 10:05 am

Hi advice needed.

After losing my children at the birth of my youngest child EH who was born***/18.
Care Proceedings were Initiated due to refusing to sign a voluntary section 20 three days before my CSec. (Addicted for almost a year which I was open and honest and due to being pregnant I was put on to child protection first time in my life June 2018 and 16wks later all three kids gone. NONE WERE HARMED IN MY CARE EVER. FT PARENT FOR 12 YEARS WITH NOT ONE ISSUE RAISED REGARDING MY PARENTING.
PLO PROCEEDINGS were granted upon me decided not to sign after they refused to allow me to sign to her father who at this point had nothing on him. He had PR and that can be the only reason I assume EPO was not met.

Care Proceedings were ongoing for 8 months I tried to seek help seek justice answers and was sileneced. I had to watch my girl suffer so badly by removing her from her father she bit her fingers til blood was drawn.
My son had to nurse her broken heart whilst trying to stay strong. And they both had to watch their new baby sister at my sister's home with their children doing what ours were so exited to do. It's for this I need justice!!

I have all files and court bundles and after waiting patiently for stage two complaint to complete (it was shared with me 8 weeks ago) still wait jurdication letter from local authority before pursuing to stage 3.

Only after waiting 330 days for maximum 65 days complaint to complete my partner was not included in our compalint and he tried to do one himself because after the conclusion of stage two it came to light some of the interviews didn't make sense. We asked for bundles sending over and what we got was shocking evidence to show that there was FALSE HEARING on 16th October the day after I gave birth by c section. Unopposed by us who actually were sat in hospital awaiting to speak with social worker. They were removing our powers that day.

The first hearing we new of was 17/10/18 and I was ignored when I pleaded to get help support or some word from social yet they emailed court papers for the next day at 3pm on the 16/10/18.
We have proof of even more lies upon lies and can prove that it's all lies. The judge ordered my rights away to a baby whom never existed they used my ex boyfriend surname for my baby with my present partner and second child to him. They used my first child's surname but didn't add him into that hearing so it cannot be down to Human Error.
I have evidence of Manipulated papers throughout and no other way to look at these errors no excuse in the world can justify the reasons for this absolutely disgusting evidence I have in front.of me.
My children cannot be returned due to not being as fit as I once was. And also because of how it happened the end result and life would have been so much different it isn't small errors these are huge. All black and white different versions of different papers so the real truth is yet to be exposed and however draining it has been I won't give up til someone sees what they did to my kids

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Re: proof of perjury and manipulation

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon Jul 06, 2020 8:48 am

Dear 96PDE,

Welcome back to the Parent’s Forum. I am so sorry to hear that your children were removed from you on the day you gave birth to your youngest child. This must have been very traumatic for you and your family. I am also sorry to hear that you are not well enough to have your children returned to you. Are you children all placed together at your sister’s home? Or are they in separate placements? Are you seeing your children?

You say that when proceedings started there was a hearing that you were totally unaware of which took place 1 day after you had given birth. You are questioning why you were not told about it? Not only that, you were waiting patiently to hear from children services at the hospital. You were certainly contactable. If you had a solicitor, they could have attended on your behalf and phoned you from court.

Courts do make some emergency orders without the parents being present at court or even knowing about it. (Called “without notice or ex parte” orders). Was this order an Emergency Protection Order ? A hearing without parents being present happens in an emergency situation and when a local authority needs to get legal parental responsibility urgently. But it is a potential breach of your right to a fair hearing so it must be necessary, and the local authority would need to justify it to the court. The court could have said no. Such “without notice” EPO’s usually only last a couple of days and you should have then been served with a copy and got notice of the next hearing so that you could attend or give instructions to your solicitor. What did your solicitor say about the court hearing? Have you seen a copy of the “reasons” or judgment given by the court? Does the court say why it agreed to grant the order without you being present? It is important for you to find out why the order was made. I suggest you also speak to the solicitor who represented you.

You have lodged a complaint with children services complaints. Normally, as soon as children services go to court, the complaints department cannot deal with complaints about the local authority conduct in court (such as this hearing on the 16th October.) Please check this with your local authority complaints department about this or you could ring the helpline at the Local Government ombudsman.
Instead, if you wanted to challenge the way the case proceeded, you would have needed to consider appealing. Ask your solicitor whether this was ever an option. Here our advice sheets Look at 15-care proceedings and 25-complaints.
Here are FAQ’s about complaints.

I hope my advice helps. If you have any questions, please post again or you could call our advice line to discuss the situation in depth on 0808 801 0366.

Best wishes,

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