How can a social workers statement be relevant now struck off for life??

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How can a social workers statement be relevant now struck off for life??

Post by MyRightToBeSupported » Sat Oct 19, 2019 1:19 am

i'm wondering if you can help me. Really do with support in getting my voice heard.
I had twins **/**/2017,5 days later,they were taken by social services. I didn't even get chance to take them home. After a significant haemorrhage i woke up on HDU hooked up to a monitor. I was told i wouldn't be able to get out of bed for at least 12 hrs because of an epidural.
**/**/2019-10.30 am. I was still in bed,still hooked up to a monitor and still losing blood through a caffiter bag. That evening i was still unable to get up out of bed.
**/**/2019 I was said to be looking like a zombie, very pale. I was given morphine for the pain.
**/**/2019 am...had acanlar in hand i was having a blood transfusion. To receive 4 units of blood. I found it quite difficult to see to my girls while this was happening. It was hoped it would make me feel better.
**/**/2019 social services ( **** ****-now struck off social care worker ) removed children from my care.
A referral was sent on the **/**/2017 but local authority didn't receive until **/**/2017
In *the social worker's* opinion i was unable to give consent for a section 76 agreement (patient capacity) but i had patient capacity to allow a C-section be carried out.
I had a patient capacity test and i passed that.
I strongly feel that i wasn't given enough support in getting parenting skills ( first time mum, hardly any experience with babies ) and i wasn't given a chance to be a mum.
Social services were to keen to take my girls away. Rushed nature of the interim hearing and the way in which the court had dealt with the issue of harm and the pre-determination of final welfare issues at such an interim stage.
*** **** was removed from the social care register for life **/**/**** She was employed by *a local authority* until July ****. Between **/**/2017 and **/**/2018 unknown court papers state she was employed by them and girls DOB **/**/****. Between **/**/2018 and **/**/2018 supervising social worker for **** fostering group. 2 referrals were made about the *social worker's* conduct **/**/2018 and **/**/2018
I don't know what *the social worker* wrote in her report that she gave to her seniors. Whatever was said, gave her the go ahead to take my girls.
I would very much like to see that report... given *the social worker's* conduct not wrong of me to think that false information had been given.
My girls are adopted now so i can't reverse that but what i can change is what girls see if/when they come looking for me. If they see what *the social worker* may of written, they won't come looking for me.
I have been treated very unfairly and made to feel inadequate and my story is no more or less worthy than anyone elses.
I am hoping you could voice my concerns because I'm not being heard and come to the conclusion it's because nobody is listening.
*There will be a court* hearing@11.30 to sign adoption order. I am attending. I miss my girls terribly. All i wanted to be was a mum and i wasnt given a chance to be.
Very much appreciate your help in looking into *the social worker* and how she was even employed in the position that she held and the level of trust she was wrongly given. Who's to say the report written by her was true?
Thank you and i hope you can help to have some sort of an impact
Kind regards...

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Re: How can a social workers statement be relevant now struck off for life??

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Wed Oct 23, 2019 4:57 pm

Dear MyRightToBeSupported

Welcome to the parents’ discussion forum and thank you for posting.

My name is Suzie, online adviser at Family Rights Group.

Your daughters were removed from your care and you are concerned that there was incorrect information given by a social worker which led to your children being removed. It is not clear from your post whether children’s services were involved with you prior to your daughters’ birth or became involved because of the difficulties you had afterwards.

Notwithstanding when children’s services became involved, the legal position is that they are not able to remove children without a parent’s consent or a court order. If the parent or parent was not, as in your case able to give consent then it is likely that the Official Solicitor would have been invited to act on your behalf. Also, in care proceedings, you would be entitled to legal representation and the Official Solicitor would liaise with your legal representative. Your daughters would also have legal representation and a children’s guardian to consider their welfare and report to the court.

Your daughters were placed for adoption and this is a decision which would have been made by the court having considered all the evidence. You now wish to have access to information regarding your case to ascertain if there were inaccuracies in the information presented to the court.

It is possible to request your records from the local authority and you may find our advice sheet Access to information held by Children’s Services helpful. Once you have received the records you can decide if you need to do anything further.

Whether or not the social worker being struck off has a bearing on your own case I am not able to comment on.

You may find it helpful to speak to an adviser and, if so, you can telephone our advice line on 0808 801 0366. The advice line is open from 9.30am to 3pm Monday to Friday.

I hope this is helpful

Best wishes


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