Child Proceedings

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Child Proceedings

Post by SD90 » Fri May 17, 2019 8:32 pm

Hi to anyone who can help or advise at all.
I met my current partner at Christmas time 2017.
While she was already pregnant.
But she was told with the child tgey would want child proceedings
And which they did they took her son away two days after birth.

But! Because I have a big heart and I'm a caring person.
I still stayied with my partner and helped her in the process along in contact
We had a parenting assesment and also PAMS assessment too.
They had told me that I had the ability to care for the child but my partner had learning problems and they used that against her.
So PAMS assessment was negative.
But in the bundle of paper work from PAMS assessment it did say i have the ability to care for her son.
Social worker and PAMS assessment lady came out to tell us of the PAMS assessment was negative.
And it's because they think I have the ability but partner doesent .
And said they would feel different if the baby was my own as they would think different.
Due to the fact if we spilt up etc?
What would happen to the child then with me and my support.

Anyway cut story bit short I my self have 6 children already with a previous ex partner and I see my children and love them to buts im a good Dad to them.

But with current partner now. She is pregnant with my child, and we are both in good health and worked well with all professionals.
It went to child protection conference then thought of courts to.
But I was told by PAMS assessment lady that the PAMS assessment was for the other child alone and not my own other children with ex partner or current partner now and now the social workers have said they want court to decide. But the fact the previous child was clearly not mine but trying to say our PAMS assessment was negative even though child was not mine but the one on the way is and it's all different we been working well together with professionals and been in a relationship now just over a year and half.
I really tbought things be different this time as been really working well with everybody.
I've even done mellow bumps with my partner and have a good report off her and off midwife too.
Also we had a reality doll and done well and did reach babys cues she needed.
We are still willing to work with all professionals.
And mellow bumps.
I see my 6 children all at the same time.
So my question is if I see my children and they want the courts to decide on my baby just because of PAMS assessment was negative and like i said previous the baby was not mine.
Babys guardian from the other baby said should be different this time as its your baby and they should put the trust in you while i my self to support partner along with professionals.
Alls they waiting on now for my baby to come along and for social workers to take her into care if courts agree with them.
Thought I'd have rights specially its all different now.
I see my other children and so this next baby is mine so where's my rights in all this .
Please can anyone advise at all.
I have been seen solicitor now but waiting...
Stressful time for us.

Also to add in januray I took my ex partner to court to have more rights with my 6 children.
It was taken away from because of PAMS assessment. But over looked at it again at second court and I see my 6 children now but I have a baby on the way which is my child too with current partner so if I had rights in the end with my ex why not with baby on the way .
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Re: Child Proceedings

Post by JBway » Fri May 24, 2019 6:27 pm

Hi mate,

I can see that you're going through a difficult time right now not knowing whats going to happen. I'm in a relationship with a male who got a girl pregnant 8 months ago (due to give birth any day). Social services removed her first baby (with a different father). She went to a mother and baby unit for 6 months but it didn't work out due to the fact that she couldn't care for it properly. She still isn't sure who the father is to her first child which is now been adopted.

So now she is pregnant with her second child (with my partner). My partners ex and my partner had to do a 12 week pre birth assessment which she failed. Now my boyfriend is being punished for her mistake. Because she failed it has made everything turn sour. Her solicitor spoke with social services and told them that she is willing to go to a mother and baby unit again to be able to keep the baby.

From your story I can see how frustrating it is but you need to bend backwards for social services and do as they say. But always remember that they are not on your side. They will do anything to take the baby away from you and you need to do your best with your partner and show you can care for this baby properly.

We are currently waiting for her to give birth so the court can decide what is going to happen next - either a baby and mother unit or the baby will be put up for adoption.

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