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Post by Re111 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 3:15 pm

My girlfriend I decided to separate before Christmas and we have 2.5 year old son.
My girlfriend could't arrange her self and didn't get council support as she expected. So she report me to police on common assault on 19th of December.
I do know this is deliberate act in order to get a case number and having easy re location provided free from council. I been taken in to Police custody 24 hours and released on bail. They put injunction against me and I can not make any contact. I got hearing date two weeks time. Not likely I am going to be charged but damage is already done. I spend Christmas and entered the new year without my son. I went to citizen advice bureau and there's nothing they can do. All the allegations made against my girlfriend none against my child. I miss my son so much and trying to find out the ways to see my son without contacting my ex girlfriend without happen to wait two more weeks.. So I do need some help and guidance to achieve this.
I am absolutely lost without my son.
Any help and advice hugely appreciated.

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Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:43 pm

Dear Re,

I am sorry to hear about the breakdown in your relationship. You want advice about how to make arrangements to see your son.

I think you will need to apply for a private law order for contact (child arrangements order). I cannot advise you about this as it is not within FRGs remit. Instead, you could contact Families need Fathers, The Children’s legal centre or Family Lives who all have information about how to apply to court for a child arrangement’s order for contact.

You mention that all the allegations are about you assaulting mum and there are no allegations about you hurting your son.
Children services are involved because they will be concerned that your son may be emotionally abused by witnessing the alleged assaults or even get caught in the cross fire and suffer physical inures.
Here is information on our website about domestic violence and children. it explains why children's services are worried about allegations of domestic violence.

Children services would have carried out an assessment of your exe partner and your son before helping move them into a refuge or other safe accommodation.
They would have told mum not to have any contact with you until either the court or children services are sure it will be safe.
Have you been in touch with children services to find out what is their position about you having contact? Are they able to support contact? You should also ask for a copy of the assessment.

To understand more about the allegation of domestic violence, I suggest you contact the helpline at Respect . Ask them whether your behaviour could be domestic violence or not. If they think you would benefit from support they can give you advice about courses.

If you have any questions, please post back.

Best wishes,

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