Minutes of CP Conference are incorrect

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Minutes of CP Conference are incorrect

Post by Sablesnow » Wed Dec 13, 2017 2:28 pm

This is my first time here. I'm so gratefully I've found this useful website!

First up- to cut a very long story short.... My children have become part of a Child Protection Plan through no fault of our own.
My ex partner is being investigated by the police, and Children's Services feel my children are at risk (though no harm has come to them).

The CP conference was difficult as i'd been given some rather shitty advice from professionals about what to expect, and so wasn't at all prepared. (had not found this site by then).
In spite of all that, at the end of the CP Conference the professionals confirmed that I am an excellent parent and the children are 100% happy and normal and, most importantly in no way effected by my ex's crimes.

There is more inbetween the story, but I wanted to ask a particular question...

After the Child Protection Conference, I asked for the minutes of the meeting and a few days later I was given them.
The minutes are incorrect- There is information in those minutes that were absolutely not said during the meeting (or even ever said!).
They have changed my wording and made me sound like I'm still in a relationship with my ex and that I think he is innocent. They have also gone on to say that I suffer from anxiety (not diagnosed by a professional) that I do not think he is a risk to my children, and that I wouldn't comply to the safeguarding advice. I never said any of this!
They also noted in the minutes that Children's Services told me they would be following legal action if I do not comply with the safeguarding advice.- again they never said that to me.

There is a lot more inaccurate information, including names and schools written wrong. Along with police information that was never discussed and I had to find out about the details of my ex's previous arrests in conference minutes, not even in the conference.

I had 7 days to respond with omissions & amends, which I did in time.
The independent chair replied to me and is only changing a couple (names and school name) out of 15+ amends.

I don't think this is right. The minutes are incorrect, but yet I still have to live with this as a record against my children? Not only that, bit this incorrect information paints me in a very bad light.

Is there something I can do?
Is the chair correct in saying they can't amend the minutes?
The chair said "I am not able to agree with the rest of the requests as these were reported by attendees in conference."
What does that mean?
How can everyone in the conference remember verbatim what was said over a week ago? How could they have checked with 8 other attendees in less than 24 hours?
Is this a conspiracy?

This is my first time dealing with CS and I'm appalled by the lack of support and information offered to victims like myself.

Can someone help me? please!

Thank you
Desperate mother x

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Suzie, FRG Adviser
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Re: Minutes of CP Conference are incorrect

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:27 am

Dear Sablesnow,

Welcome to the Parents forum.

It is important that the minutes reflect the discussion at the conference. If you think they do not, then you are right to challenge them.
Have you asked where the comments you do not agree with have come from? Which professional?
The professionals who were invited to the meeting, would have also put in written reports. Is it possible that some of the information came from those reports although were not verbally expressed at the conference? If you haven’t seen the reports ask for copies.
Anything you do not agree with, challenge with the professional who can then advise the chair, if they agree with you.
I would have expected the police report to have been read out at the conference. Often, because the contents might be shocking, the chair person would have gone through the report with you, prior to conference.
I am surprised this did not happen. Ask why?

It sounds like the chair has corrected the wrong facts but not addressed any opinion.
Each professional would have received a copy of the minutes. The chair would assume they were happy with them, if she had not heard back from them. Given the short timescale, I wonder whether some had not even read the minutes. So you could raise your concerns with each professional-which I know is time consuming.

Have a look at your local authority child protection procedures which should be on the local safeguarding board’s website. There will be something about how the records need to be accurate and which you could quote.
Ultimately, you can challenge the decision of the chair by way of complaint although while any complaint is being processed, it is important that you continue to work to the child protection plan.

Here is our advice sheet about access to records.
If you have any questions, please post back.

Best wishes,


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