organised cover up of abuse by social workers

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organised cover up of abuse by social workers

Post by mumabroad786 » Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:42 pm

I am really worried.
The IRO has tampered with and doctored out serious CP concerns of a DV assault on my younger daughter. Te assault was by the step mother, and one of many such assaults. The original Report is dated July 2015, and plays down the DV assault, making it had to follow. Other documents highlight it for the serious DV assault that it was.

No intervention or safeguarding was implemented. My older daughter who witnessed the abuse and called authorities subsequently, upon being let down, started self mutilating. She is still scarred from those injuries. Dspitethe causal link to suicide, she was not referred for therapy. The local authority pursued forced adoption to the step mother - citing "no concerns" of the step M.

I triggered a MASH CP referral in the area the children reside (which is not the LA with the Care Orders) - and opened a can of worms - positive DBS and gambling addiction of F, recurring self harming and also psyche issues in both children.

Recently, I was sent the July 2015 Report again. On inspecting it, I found out all the DV and CP concerns were edited out, where the children had stated they wanted protection for me (their mum) - it was rewritten to the say the children wanted protection "from" me.

There are long running and widespread concerns - evidenced. My baby suffered Clinical Failure to Thrive - and the LAC nurse doctored the centile chart to show the opposite - that she was thriving. The same child, as a toddler, again suffered clinical to thrive - and the reports were withheld from me.

Every time I raise a vailid concern - social workers respond by placing my children at risk even more.

My baby presented with vaginal bleeding to the contact centre - and this same social worker tried to force me return the baby to the fostrcarers - without medical intervention. I am a former paramedic - and I just dialled 999 and police and ambulances arrived at the contact centre and took my children and I into protective custody FROM social services.

My children are "anchor babies" - exploited by their Father, and his current wife to obtain leave to remain in the UK.

By trickery - she obtained PR Orders - she simply omitted all mention of the F - and denied service on him. The same way she obtained leave to remove from the jurisdiction for ANY period of time - with consent only of the LA required!

The last time she tried to adopt my children - she bypassed F - and falsley claimed he supported the adoption - and that her solicitors were jointly representing her and F. That was not the case - he was unrepresented and unaware that the adoptions proceedings were taking place. My CP referral threw a spanner in the works - and the MASH referral resulted in a negative Annexe A.

The LA have blocked me in every way from their complaints procedure. I discovered a few days ago about LADO - the Local Authority Designated Officer - and a system of investigating abuses by professionals. There are also senior police on the safeguarding board.

I also looked at HSPC who regulates social workers - and from their decisons - it appears that htey are quite robust in suspending and striking off social workers.

I am worried: I need to report the abuses - however, I am really scared - the SW's are so bad - they may simply allow the step M to remove them from the country!! To be trafficked as child brides.

They may change and alter their records further before an investigation is in full swing.

Honor killings of Banaz and Shafilea - highlight the terror that young isolated teenagers face - and clam up.

i just dont know what to do - go t HSPC first?? they will alert the SW's first - and if my daughters are trafficked abroad - then they have less of a problem.

Go to LADO?? Go to the Police in LADO?? - and ensure that these workers are removed and my children protected before I involve SW's full swing??

I have a migraine - I hope someone can help.


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Re: organised cover up of abuse by social workers

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Wed Nov 08, 2017 12:06 pm

Dear mumabroad786,

Welcome to the Parent’s Forum and thank you for posting.

I can see you have worries about your children suffering abuse, in foster care and now under a private law order to step mother.
Before the children were placed with step mother, there would have been a full assessment, which would have been examined by the parties and ultimately by the judge. So I would have expected any concerns about step mum to have been picked up. I suggest you contact your solicitor who represented you and discuss the historic concerns about step mum and also ask the question about whether any of the documents may have been falsified.
Alternatively, there is the complaints process available for both children services and the NHS.

However, if you have new evidence about the children suffering abuse, I suggest you telephone the NSPCC helpline or the children services where the children reside. Here is information about children service assessments .

You seem to have new concerns that your children may become child brides. If you have evidence of this, you should contact the Forced Marriage Unit here.

Best wishes,

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Re: organised cover up of abuse by social workers

Post by Melwalsh » Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:49 pm

Hello I'm new to this sort of forum, but here goes, I'm very concerned of a massive cover up by children's services all the way to the top which includes the director of my local authority who is well known ( was involved in the ***** cover up ) they've made massive lies up and me which I can prove with evidence but the worst part is they allowed my child to be around a person unsupervised who the knew is a high risk threat to children, but they kept this evidence of his threat away from the district judge at **** civil justice courts, I have been called a liar an harassing complaintent who makes up stories but I proved all my concerns, the high risk person in question was charged and imprisoned for his acts, but now he's out of prison , my ex partner who had full custody of our child is allowing him around our child, children's services aren't bothered, this person has been in the national newspaper for his crimes and they don't care if he is, I've been through the complaints procedure, they were found guilty by the local government ombudsmen, but within days started doing the same things again and it's concerning me highly, the courts p.s.u. told me that over the last decade we have had thousands and thousands of complaints to the courts about children's services but because they are a self governing body, they police themselves they think they are above the law and it's a disgrace.

Any advice would help thank you.
**edited by Suzie to comply with rules about confidentiality.

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Re: organised cover up of abuse by social workers

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Fri Nov 17, 2017 4:04 pm

Dear Melwalsh

Welcome to the Parents’ Discussion Board.

My name is Suzie, online adviser at Family Rights Group. I see from your post that you are concerned about your child and the fact that her or she is being allowed to have unsupervised contact with a person whom you consider to be high risk. You do not say what this risk involves.

You say that you have made a complaint about children’s services which went to the local government ombudsman with a result in your favour. This, I think, suggest that children’s services are not above the law and can be brought to account where they have acted wrongly. It is also possible to take action in the court by a process called judicial review where a local authority has acted outside of their powers or failed to act. They are definitely not above the law.

I do not know the extent of your involvement with children’s services but if you believe your child is being put at risk then, you can make a referral to children’s services, indicating the risk you are concerned about. If this is something that they have not considered before then they do have a duty to act on a referral. This may involve them considering the referral and taking no further action or to look into the matter and then decide to take no further action. Alternatively, they could decide to carry out further enquiries/investigations to satisfy themselves whether the child is at risk of harm.

You have not stated the nature of the offences committed by the person in question but children’s services may already have considered your concerns and carry out enquiries to satisfy themselves that your child is not at risk of harm. How old is your child? Was your original complaint about the same issues?

I think you should put in writing to children’s services the concerns you have and ask them to reply in writing explaining their decision not to investigate further.

You say your child is living with an ex-partner, is this under a care order, child arrangement order or special guardianship order (if partner is not child’s parent). How did he or she come to be removed from your care? Whatever order is in place, it is always open to you to make an application to the court to ask for the order discharged and a child arrangement order made in your favour. Having said that, you would have to show the court that the concerns that existed at the time the child was removed from your care no longer exist and that you have made significant changes in your life.

I have included here a copy of our advice sheets relating to the duties that children’s services have when children are in the care system as well as reunification.

These should, I hope, give more information about your current situation.

Should you wish to speak with an adviser, please telephone our free confidential advice line on 0808 801 0366. The advice line is open

Hope this is helpful.

Best wishes


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