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lieing social worker with a personal vendetta against me

Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:19 pm
by SF123
My social worker is .... she lies about me and her reports are so inaccurate. she has a personal vendetta against me and uses my mental health to her advantage. she has been assigned to my family only 5 months and has managed , through her lies to draw up care proceedings for adoption of my girls. 2 years ago i fled domestic violence. since that time my mental health has been stable and no other agencies working with me have any concerns on my parenting, even cafcas have no concerns. my last conference a couple of months ago i scored a high 9 for my parenting and school and health visitor could not understand why my youngest was even under social services. my mental health assessment ordered by the courts was written unfairly due to wrong information written in reports by social services and lies to cover up mistakes made as was the child psychologist report , these people went by lies written by social worker and the 2 years of me being stable and meeting my girls needs and courses i have taken to better my parenting skills have not even been looked at. the decsion of even removing my girls from me has shocked and saddened all agencies whom work with me. i have a big case load of evidence against this social worker.

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Re: lieing social worker with a personal vendetta against me

Posted: Wed Feb 15, 2017 7:36 pm
by Minnie
I had a social worker who went against me and it became very personal towards me, to point he had a problem with me been female and a strong one at that. He had since left the local authority(possibly sacked) and have a new social worker but his legacy still lives on. It was soul destroying living with this, he made me out as a bad parent, lied and fabricated throughout the assessments and this still causing issues 8 months on. I don't even know what to suggested to work with the social worker other than remain calm and try and work with them, it is very frustrating especially when you children's future at stake.

Re: lieing social worker with a personal vendetta against me

Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 6:44 pm
by Har1Her1
I sometimes feel a little sorry for social workers. They are often placed in an impossible position of having to 'assess' parental competence and the safety of children in very complex situations that they have only been involved with for, perhaps a few weeks. Sometimes the assessments are based on a few observations from a visit, similar observations from other people in other contexts and the views of individuals who are in a crisis situation. However, a disproportionate weight is attached to these assessments and inaccuracies or opinion presented as fact can have huge implications on decisions made and on the self esteem of individuals who are under assessment.

There was a time, however, that I would have said, social workers or other professionals in complex cases do not lie. I would have though that professional integrity and the implications of those falsities being uncovered would have dissuaded anyone involved in health and social care practice from writing things that are not evidenced, recording things in minutes that were not said, denying contact or negotiation that did occur and so on. However, sadly, I have experienced this very frequently and it has caused me not only to gain a reputation of 'not working well with professionals' (because I ask for amendments, query how evaluations have been made and refuse to be made a scapegoat for multi-agency failure) but also to lose confidence in the local authority's ability to find adequate provision for my children and to keep them safe.

It is sad, because I have a great deal of respect for social care as a profession and I know people who work for Children's Social Care and related agencies have a very difficult job that is often hugely under-resourced. Yet I have never receive reports from any other profession that overtly record events that did not take place; states that things were said (which are highly significant) that were never said or made statements of competence based that are based on inadequate evidence or that have no evidence base at all.

This is only my experience, and it could be that I have just been unlucky, but I have joined the ranks of people who now wonder what on earth is going on in Safeguarding.

Re: lieing social worker with a personal vendetta against me

Posted: Sat Feb 18, 2017 6:46 pm
by Har1Her1
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Re: lieing social worker with a personal vendetta against me

Posted: Thu Feb 23, 2017 12:24 am
by doola89

Just wondering if anyone has had a social worker refuse to email contact dates.
I have asked my social worker to email me my dates as she sends letters I wasn't comfortable as my post wasn't secure and it's pretty obvious who the letters are from so I didn't want them being misplaced or tampered with, she has refused on several occasions and I quote " I don't do emails"
I have recently had to relocate 4 hours away and my contact dates had been sent to my mum's address who told the S.S that she didn't understand why she was giving her the dates because she couldn't forward them to me in time..
Anyway I made January's contact and travelled the 4 hours to see my children for 2 hours. This February contact I missed because I went and booked my train tickets on the wrong date as I had been told by a few family members it was on the last Saturday of the month.. i ended up getting a days notice of the actual contact dates, and tried everything in my power to get there..
My social worker basically called me a disgrace of a mother that I was not trying hard enough to get to my children, even tho I was on the phone with her in the middle of a hectic major train station and was being quoted ridiculous prices for train travel £60+ and that would return me in the middle of the city centre at 12am. I explained that I had spoken to my mother after frantically trying to get tickets and she explained she had booked for herself to bring my children up on the following Monday (2 days after the original date of contact) so that I could see my children and we could spend a good few days togther.
so I phoned my SS and explained what my mother had said, she explained she would go and see my mother and if my mother was happy to do that everything would be ok.. So i calmed down a bit and waited for the phonecall, I receive the phone call and she states that is perfectly fine and she hopes I have a nice time with them, and tried to end the conversation with I hope you enjoy contact tomorrow..I asked what do you mean I thought we had worked out a solution together. She then stated no she still wanted me to come for the 2 hours on the original date, I explained I didn't have the funds and that I have cancelled the tickets I had bought for the 25th because they weren't needed so that i could spend time having fun with the children and I wouldn't recieve a refund for 5 working days (this was on a friday) contact was taking place on the Saturday..I then said I would try may hardest I returned to the station and the staff at the desk where trying there best to help getting the cheapest price they could thinking that I was trying to return for a funeral. The poor man at the desk quoted the cheapest he could find at £68.30 but he was concerned this would return me at 12am and that I wouldn't get a taxi and would have to walk home alone (3 miles)
To which the SS didn't even comment on the only comment she made was that she would pay £50 and I would have to find the rest and he must be looking at first class and stated " even I don't travel first class"
I then said maybe I could ask a friend to collect me half way but wouldn't be able to contact her till she finished work at 5pm so I wouldn't be able to let her know, enquire that the offices shut at 5pm and she bluntly replied with " No 4:30" so I said well i won't be able to let you know in time.. I just can't get there to which she started talking saying well youve really disappointed me, youve let me down and your children down" even tho I had explained to my children I would see them on the Monday, and they where looking forward to coming away to see me and have fun travelling to museums and all sorts..
I then see my mother in Monday extremely upset saying that the SS has made her dread the holiday, she feels as tho she is being watched by them and the social worker had turned after speaking to me. dragging me down, and she feels that now I've moved in order to get a career for my future and my children's that they are now trying to do anything they can to end my contact and make it difficult for me.. my ex partner has recently started having supervised contact along with a support worker and his family, and because I wasn't going they said they weren't going to bother with a support worker and his mother could do that..when I spoke to my youngest she seemed very quiet giving one word answers usually a non stop taller, after having a talk all together as a family, it turns out he had let his new partner come to contact and they (him and his family) had told her not to tell me, my daughter is 5 and was scared to tell me, after me explaining she had done nothing wrong in telling me and that I was glad she'd had fun on the day and became much more happier and was back to her usual talkertive self..
Am I able to complain about the way this social worker has treated me..can I get her removed off the case as I am the only person who hasn't complained every family member involved has already (to do with telling lies not sticking to her word) also my partner of 2 years has complained because she tried to get a police check on him without asking his concent .PLEASE CAN I HAVE SOME ADVICE..I'M INCREDIBLY DESPERATE

Re: lieing social worker with a personal vendetta against me

Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2017 11:42 am
by Michelle71
Three of my grandbabies was taken in to care 2 in may last year and 1 on the day she was born from the very first day we all where all lied to by [local] social services 5 family members put them self forward for the children and all 5 where tuner down so 2 have been placed up for adoption and we r back in court next month for the youngest I think it is disgusting how we have been treated my daughter as special needs but she was and is a good mum I don't know how they can get away with it all my 3 year old granddaughter still ask ever time I see her at contact is she coming home [local] social services have not for one second though about what my grandbabies want and need

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