stiill hurts as if it was yestarday .

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Re: stiill hurts as if it was yestarday .

Post by trigger9 » Sat Mar 18, 2017 4:55 pm

Suzie, FRG Adviser wrote:Dear trigger9,

Thank you for coming back to the Parents Forum and letting us know about what has been happening. It must be so distressing for your family that your granddaughter is being adopted. I cannot imagine the hurt and loss you must be feeling.
You could get help and about adoption from Birth Ties at After Adoption . They advise support birth families when adoption is the plan.

Is your daughter returning home to you? If so, there should be a social work assessment before she returns home, to see what support you and your family (as well as your daughter) will need.
I know that your daughter may have been sexually exploited and that she also suffered a serious sexual assault while she was in the care system. Parents against child sexual exploitation (PACE) could advise you about what this means and what support your daughter and the family might need to help her recover.

Your daughter will also be an “eligible child” for leaving care support.
As well as a social worker she should also have a personal adviser. The personal adviser will carry out an assessment and prepare a pathway plan. Have a look at our advice sheet about leaving care .

Your daughter is also entitled to an advocate to help her understand what is happening and her legal rights.

I hope my advice goes someway to helping you during this very difficult time.
Please post back if you have any questions or call our advice line on 0808 801 0366.

Best wishes,

thank you for your post Suzie yes it is very stressing and it is really hurting . Our daughter had advocate in court but as for the social work personal adviser . We don't know as for our grandaughter getting adopted we have asked for a that some people have but they have said no to that why is that people that have done nothing wrong get hurt lost and the people that do thing ect get away with it is so hard to understand. It is hurting so so much :(.

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