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Postby mummycazzie89 » Fri Jul 01, 2016 10:04 pm

Hi all I'm having a bit of an issue at present with my ex partner. I'm wanting to relocate to Scotland to be with my family and my friends as I am isolated where I am at present and it's having a massive impact on my mental health and I think having a proper support network would be beneficial for both me and my daughters. He is never going to give me permission for this and isn't even happy with me taking them on holiday there for a week. He will not consider relocating or even make some kind of arrangement to make it feasible for us both to get what we want, so essentially I feel trapped where I am as he doesn't want me to move anywhere. I'm not sure what I can do in all honesty, I don't want to separate him from his daughters at all but I also can't stay trapped where I am as its having an affect on my mental health which could affect my daughters in the long run. I only added him to the birth certificate three months ago, so I'm aware he now has parental responsibility now too, if it were to go to court where would I stand As I'm not stopping contact and never would either. Any advice would be appreciated

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Re: Relocation

Postby Suzie, FRG Adviser » Thu Jul 14, 2016 2:11 pm

Dear Mummycazzie89

I am sorry that you are experiencing difficulties with your ex- partner in respect of your forthcoming move to Scotland, where the law in respect of children is very different to the English legal system.

Since your post raises issues specifically to do with private law, can I suggest you contact Rights of Women in the first instance.

In addition, if you need further advice about Children's Services following your move, you may wish to contact Scottish Child Law Centre.

Best Wishes


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