Social workers perjury and forgery.

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Social workers perjury and forgery.

Post by amrk » Mon Mar 11, 2019 2:25 pm

I've had no contact with my only child for almost 4 years because of two social workers who made up allegations of child abuse against me, they did so after I made a complaint against them.

They then attended the court and gave evidence against me, despite the LA informing the court that they were not involved and no social workers will be attending.

One of the social workers claimed that I was stalking and grooming children on Facebook and that she had reported me to the police.

Six months after the court proceedings, I obtained the police referral which the social worker mentioned in the court. The document claimed to have evidence against me, including that I was a groomer and a stalker with a history of these abuses, I am a violent person, a drug and alcoholic with a history of mental illness.

For almost a year, I have done everything to obtain information from the police, but they refused. I even attended the station demanding that they question me regarding the allegations against me, but they told me to go away.

After obtaining information from the CAB website, which stated "in case of child abuse, the police must arrest the suspect or ask to attend the station for an interview." Based on this information, I made a complaint with the police for their failures to investigate my daughter's abuse.

On the 4th of March 2019, I received an email from the DPS regarding my complaint. They inform me that, there was no record of any reporting of me for child abuse and they have spoken to the LA who denied ever making such referral against me.

It proves that these two social workers made up false allegations against me, committed perjury in the court and forged documents to back up their crimes.

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