Information on how to take social services to court

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Information on how to take social services to court

Post by May12345 » Fri Feb 08, 2019 9:01 pm

Has anyone done this? I’m assuming we would need to pay. Are there solicitors that can help do this?

Most of you know the story but 21m down the line no progress whatsoever with contact I have made a freedom of information request questioning a lot of things from the psychological report on content, independence, opinions without evidence. If this were cross examined in court it would not stand up at all there are so many inaccuracies.

Aswell as that I am pretty sure that when our family was first assessed or assessed at any point the guidelines and framework used have been the usual contact abuse, neglect type guidelines as There isn’t that I can see as of yet guidelines for my La regarding Assessment of children and families where there has been viewing of iioc. I have been going through the London children’s safeguarding board guidelines which are easy to source online and specific to assessment when an adult has been viewing iioc and I am confident that I can source evidence from all professional reports on myself to support the criteria to proactively protect aside from the inn accuracies in the psychologists report (forensic may I add).

We have been in plo for 19 weeks supposedly to find the assessments and courses required and I to have three sessions with LF soon to be reviewed by this psychologist.

Anyway I am feeling increasingly frustrated and angry at the inaccuracies of the report yet I am not allowed to contact the psychologist to argue the points or ask for evidence on them! My legal aid solicitor hasn’t done much at all I speak more than her in any meetings and she said that his report wouldn’t be cross examined unless it went to court. This is a single case issue and their care is no concern at all so that is unlikely.

I am considering if we have grounds to take CS to court for not assessing accurately in the first place. They keep saying how unique the case is and obviously have no experience which is making them take forever to allow progress....

Any advice?

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Re: Information on how to take social by services to court

Post by PerfectlySafeDad » Sun Feb 17, 2019 3:10 am

'Unique' case. LOL, yeah, in other words they haven't got a ****ing clue. So they just try to shut down all your human rights instead.
How unique can it be?? Viewing Iioc? It's one of the most widespread phenomena of modern times, 20+ years old now, and yet they still haven't worked out how unrelated it is to rapers and abusers. I think their approach says more about themselves than it says about the offenders.
"We hate that which we fear within ourselves "
If you google a Dorset schoolgirls case (in the public domain, a national news article, so no need to censor this), a family from Australia was taking the social services to court (criminal court, I guess) over violation of human rights. They almost lost their kids for no reason at all, basically the imagination of an idiot social worker. There's no further news on it, so I don't know if it ever happened or if it couldn't be reported any further.
I don't know how you do it either, it seems to me this crossover of family and criminal law is a massive problem and why parents can't get justice. In my experience one type of solicitor doesn't have the first clue about the other type of law, and you need both simultaneously, otherwise its gridlock and the social services continue their bullying on a whim. It's astonishing really.

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