No response to appeal, complaint or request for data

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No response to appeal, complaint or request for data

Postby Marje » Mon Apr 23, 2012 10:07 pm

I wonder if any members have similar experiences and can advise?

My child's social worker called a child protection conference in order to force her absent parent into agreeing to a contact was rather like extinguishing a flaming match with a bucket of water. My partner and I had led and asked for mediation meeting to no avail.the conference was called with no days notice and reports withheld ( that contained false accusations of life in our home) the only outcome of the conference was a plan of the result was achieved. My partner and I have appealed and complained to social services because There should never have been a conference called. We have also asked for copies of all documents.

Almost 2 months have passed,the given 28 days for appeal has elapsed, the complaint has been ignored as have requests for data. I have passed information over to ombudsman.....but the review conference is imminent. My partner believes that we have not been responded to so that the review will go ahead as an upheld appeal may mean the process starting over.

Has this happened to any one else and what was the outcome?

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