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never a straight answer of authorities

Posted: Fri Apr 08, 2016 2:39 pm
by door1
further to a previous post named wrongly treated by the hole system i write this one on the general discussion board. i find it amazing how when i new an ex partner off mine was attempting to set me up any way possible when we were together which i started to suss bits out and i eventualy ended the relationship. how shes been allowed to be pushed through, systems in my opinion illeagaly ie, all off a suden got work expierience in the job centre then a job straight in to a large super market and was allso alowed to say what ever she wanted on me with false fabricated eveidence. no authorities have sempt to listen to me at all and my app for child arrangments order has seemed to back fire on me to, the hole thing is very bizare indeed and im smelling lots off rats to many to be fare. what bothers me is all these so called authorities havent took my childrens best interests in to consideration at all and if they had the family they have round them now they will no they are not good at all some of them but they have sempt to concentrate on me which is struggling to get answers on all of this and can only put it down to maybe back door police info as you would call it. is there any body expieriencing this sort of problem and can any body shed any light on to these sort of matters.