Child Protection Plan

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JaqMar House
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Child Protection Plan

Post by JaqMar House » Wed Apr 17, 2013 2:19 am


My three boys are currently under Child Protection Plan.

Is there anyone who has gone through the Child Protection Plan with such a great success - that the Social workers are 100% satisfied with you...and then they decide to leave you alone 100%??

Is it vital for Social Workers to remove children from their parents. What pleasures do they get from doing this and do they get paid bonuses?

Many thanks..


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Re: Child Protection Plan

Post by blueplain » Fri Apr 26, 2013 12:01 pm

Hello JaqMar House

I went through a child protection plan. Since the plan started our social worker was very happy with what we did, the other people involved was very happy and it went well for the year we was on the plan, In fact the only thing he had a complaint with was buying a changing matt which we did the same day. Anyway close to the final meeting we informed everyone we was moving back to the previouse area we came from to be close to familly and you would not belive the sudden change of the proffesionalls, oh we are reallly concerned, this is really bad, we have concerns!. what was amusing was our social worker just spoke up and said you was all perfectly happy before they said they was going to move and after a heated discussion we got sighned off the plan. From my experience I feel it is down to the individual proffesionals that are working with you depending on there reaction to your actions. Some of them can exagerate others can be very understanding but if your doing very well there is not much that can go wrong. However if there are a few issues then the plan could continue for quite some time. We was on the plan for a year without any visible issues just because they require a long time period to observe that you dont slip and you maintain improvements. What is best to do in my opinion and exscuss me if this is a bit persumptiouse but after you have been sighned off completly after the child in need level to prevent children services quickly latching on again write a letter to them stating "I am writting to you to inform you that I am removing your implied right of access to my property" That way they need solid proof before they can even approach your door.

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