addendum core report

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addendum core report

Post by dave2013 » Fri Apr 12, 2013 1:44 pm

hello,my name is dave,this may take me some time to exsplain,i raised my son from birth and was granted full residence in 2012 haveing waited 2 yrs for all the process to happen,my son who is 4 has a young sister who the mum was granted full residence,now i wont lie,i have issues and just wont be dictated to by any social services people,they walk into peoples lifes and just give an opinion to which most judges go along with,that in itself is wrong as to make a judgement about any child you have to get to now said child unless that child is being abused,,contact was ararnged near enough straight away and because i didnt agree that the mum should get full residence,she just didnt care about my son,her son and was all for my daughter,so she hasnt been doing the contact,i cant have leagel aid,but the mum can,so last time i was in crt i exsplained yet again the mum wasnt kping the contact,so the judge orded a addendum core report were i was contacted by the social servs telling me they want to see how i am with my son and my daughter,to me that is just putting myself and my children under a microscope and considering in all the 3 yr going bk and fourth to crt ,not 1 judge or the cafcass who recommended that my son stay with me ever said im at risk or was abuseing my son,they all agreed i was doing a fantastic job and now i have to be monitored,i did tell the social worker i wasnt playinmg there games,but agreed that i would be seen twice whilct haveing my children on the contact ,now my real issue is ,is a addendum core report were i have to be monitored,is that wot it means,and if as ive said ive shown no care for the social servs will that go bad against me.,my sons schoold reports are brilliant and so is his health visitor report,wao should i exsp[ect ,can i lose my son,i wont lie ,im terrified ,thanku

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Re: addendum core report

Post by dave2013 » Fri Apr 12, 2013 3:43 pm

my post may of sounded like im a now it all and have to respect for any1,but if you knew the truth of greif ive been through in these 3 yrs,the mum being proven posotive twice for class a drugs by the crts and yet no social servs wanted to now,the twice again were i was threatened infront ov my son by the mums new bf and proven this happened by police and still nothing by the social servs ,,and now im mayed to put under a microscope,yes the mum has this addendum core report aswell,but to be honest,,im so tryed of all the ,,the mum has proven many times to be not intrested yet my children and me are made to be put under this microscope,so maybe you can see now why im so worryed about this addendum report not nowing wot is going to happen,

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Re: addendum core report

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Wed Apr 17, 2013 12:03 pm

Hello Dave

Welcome to the discussion board and thank you for your posts. My name is Suzie and I am an adviser at Family Rights Group. I’m sorry it has taken me a little while to respond to you.

I’m sorry to hear about your difficult situation. It sounds as though you have been through a lot to ensure that your son is safely in your care and that he is doing really well.

You have explained that you are back in court, as mum is not sticking to contact orders that have been made. By this, do you mean that mum is not turning up for her contact with your son? Is she also refusing to make your daughter available for contact?

It sounds as though you have always stuck to the orders made by the court, even though your ex has not so it is likely that the court will not be looking favourably on your ex’s actions.

The court has ordered an addendum report. Children’s Services have been asked to write this report, presumably because they have been involved in your family in the past. Do they also have an ongoing role in your children’s life? Is there a child protection plan for your daughter, for example? Or child in need plans for the children?

In order to write their report, Children’s Services will need to carry out an assessment so that they are clear about their views and recommendations.

Are you clear about the purpose of the report? What are Children’s Services being asked to consider/ assess? Has mum made allegations that your contact with your daughter is not in her best interests or is the court considering whether your ex is able to prioritise the children’s needs given her actions around contact?

Obviously I am not clear about the full details of the assessment but I wonder if this may be an opportunity for you to ask for increased contact with your daughter or for residence to be transferred to you?

Given how well your son is doing and that you have not mentioned any concerns about your parenting, coupled with your ex’s reluctance around contact, there does not seem to be any reason to think it would be recommended that your son is removed from your care.

Clearly it is in your best interests to co-operate with the assessment being carried out by Children’s Services as much as possible and I am pleased that you have agreed to have them assess a couple of your contacts.

There is nothing wrong with you having concerns about the process and voicing these as long as you do this in a calm and child focussed way. What you obviously do not want, is to present yourself in a way which gives any cause for concern. This report/ the impressions being gained by Children’s Services will have a significant bearing on decisions being made about your children and it is important that you use this opportunity to demonstrate all of your strengths as a parent.

I would advise that you ask for a meeting with the social worker to discuss the report and prepare for this by writing some notes,

· Emphasise that your children are your priority and that you only want what is in their best interests
· Highlight that you are willing and able to co-operate and engage with Children’s Services in the best interests of you children
· Be open about the fact that you have some reservations about further assessments given the complex history and that you are seeking reassurance about the purpose of the addendum report
· Ask the social worker to explain clearly the purpose of the report, what the assessment will involve and what possible outcomes there will be
· Clarify your own position about what is in the best interests of the children and what you would wish to be decided for them
· Ask the social worker to be open and honest with you about any concerns/ issues that arise so that you can address these appropriately

I hope this is useful Dave. Do come back to us if I have misunderstood your situation or if you have any further specific questions.

Best Wishes

FRG Adviser

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