Disturbing Social Services Awareness Ad

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Disturbing Social Services Awareness Ad

Post by WorriedMum » Mon Feb 25, 2013 3:01 pm

After having my daughter removed from my care under ludicrous allegations I began searching the internet looking for solutions to my nightmare. I then stumbled across this 90 second video on YouTube highlighting the incompetence of the Social Services. Please share it with a friend.

Thanks E

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Re: Disturbing Social Services Awareness Ad

Post by purdie » Wed Mar 13, 2013 9:48 pm

Blimey, Worriedmum.
You don't have to go on utube to see how Social Service behave all you need to do is contact them for help and support, and you get to appear in your very own Horror Film.
Surrounded by Aliens who speak a different language,
(mother ) can you help me please.
( alien ) "we don't help people "
( mother ) " but I came for help "
( alien ) " what is this Help you speak off ,we do not know what HELP is "
( mother ) " the goverment say you must provide help and support "
( alien) " your Goverment is not our goverment they are alien to us "
( mother ) " you don't have to tell me, their even alien to me and their my goverment "
( alien )" you must come with me and do everything I say you must let me treat you like dirt, and call you lot's of dreadfull names, and sign this piece of paper full of lies, you must think like me you must become alien to your child "
( mother ) I'm sorry but what planet do you belong to because I am not of the same planet,
I live a life with morals, kindness,love, and care to those who ask for help.
( alien) " in that case we will not help you "
( mother ) I shall take me chances without you aliens and try and get my goverment to help.
( alien ) " you will wait a very long time "
( mother ) " justice and honesty will prevail "
The moral of this story is the more you keep your chin up the higher you stand, a good sence of houmour is the only thing that keep's me going in time's of trouble.

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