Was your new born baby subject to care proceedings?

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Was your new born baby subject to care proceedings?

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Tue Nov 19, 2019 3:03 pm

There has been a big rise in new born babies of just a few days old being subject to care proceedings. In some cases, mothers are still in hospital when the local authority issues proceedings to remove their children.

Family Rights Group is working with the Centre for Child and Family Justice Research at Lancaster University who are undertaking a new research project which is specifically examining how practice needs to change.

The research team is recruiting mothers, who have had a baby removed from their care at birth or within days of birth, to their 'experts by experience advisory group' to help to shape the research project. If you are a women in this situation, would you be interested in joining the group? It will meet in Manchester or London approximately every 4 months for two hours. All out of pocket travel expenses will be reimbursed and refreshments provided. All members will also receive a £10 voucher at each meeting.

The project aims to design new national practice guidelines. It addresses major gaps in national guidance, which currently provide little advice for either professionals or family members involved in the separation of mothers and babies at birth for reasons of child protection. For more information and to discuss what might be involved please contact Beverley bcampbell@frg.org.uk or Pam pledward@frg.org.uk

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