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Social worker

Post by Lollipoplol » Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:44 am

Is this allowed
My soical worker came to drop the mins from the last confrence that was the only job she needed to do.. insted she came into the property made me move out of my seat (bearing in mind im 38wks pregnant) and decided now was the time she would drop a huge bombshell on us on how if my partner didnt demand a earlier appointment for his mental health we would have to be moved to supported accomidation.. or one of our perents would have to live with us until he is medicated (the man is that mentally ill he managed to get a job to fund/support this child) shortly after i could hear her conveying the convosation in a way where she would put words into my partners mouth so i asked her to leave (Mulitpul times) it took her half a hour to finally get her ass out that seat to leave and for finally burst into tears of anger she refused to leave until i was left with no choice but to raise my tone cuz she was laughig at me and now she will go back to her office and play the "im scared" card each time we point a fault out on this woman she makes herself look all small and vunrable. And give me.dirty looks over the table I cannot cope with there involvement anymore its like she snatched my freedom as a human and is toying with it. Shell disclose my medical records to anything even something as common as a cold she will tell everyone and hold it over me im not allowed to be ill she has made up stuff on many occasions and making me run around as im due to pop i have jumped through all the hoops nessecary to prove i am capable of brining a life into the world and she will still find doubts she actually got a manager to call me to intimidate tell me my child will not be safe when beaught up to the chair she woll never remeber.. she willl blame the fact my partner didnt have the best childhood on how my child wont be safe.. i cant speak to my gp cuz she will find out and tell everyone surely this canmot be right. She also makes up fake stuff in repors on how i was "abandond" as a child .. i dont recall any of that happening im at my wits end with this woman i need some advice.

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Re: Social worker

Post by Brokenfamily » Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:55 am

Have you placed a complaint? I would certainly start with that and then go through the ombudsmen if you’re not happy with their response. I’m sorry you’re going through this, but there are many places and people you can talk to for help. Citizens Advice sometimes have family law solicitors available for free advice at their offices. I saw one in Birmingham. You can ask to change social workers but I don’t think you have a right to, so it may not be granted but worth asking!

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Re: Social worker

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon Sep 17, 2018 5:49 pm

Dear Lollipoplol

I am sorry to hear that the social worker working with you is acting in a way that you find intimidating, particularly at a time when you are awaiting the birth of your child.

From what you say the social worker is concerned about your partner’s mental health; his childhood; and what may have happened to you as a child too.

If the social worker is suggesting that your partner’s mental health assessment happen sooner rather than later, perhaps your partner can ask his GP surgery for a list of any ‘walk in’ centres where he can get an assessment. If the social worker’s concerns are not clear to you perhaps it would be useful to speak to her about why you and your partner need to live in supported accommodation or why you should have someone live with you when the baby is born. Do ask why she has not mentioned this ‘plan’ to you until now. I think that it is something that should have been brought up and talked about before or during the last conference.

I think that you should say to the social worker that you are finding it difficult to work with her and that you always do everything she asks, but it feels that whatever you do will not satisfy her. It’s a good idea to ask her manager to be involved in this conversation so that he/she knows what happens at meetings, your partner may want to share his views too. If you have not done so already, reading through the minutes of the last conference and looking again at the child protection plan (even if you don’t agree with what is written) may help you see exactly what is being asked of you. It might be useful to go over each point and write down what you have done to address each one of them.

Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018 from page 49 outlines how child protection plans should work and elsewhere in the document (pages 47, 48, 51) it outlines how social workers should work with families, and our advice sheet about Child protection procedures will tell you more about the process too.

I understand that this is all very worrying for you and your partner, please do try and ‘keep your cool’, raising your ‘tone’ (as you know) doesn’t always send the right message to professionals. You should explain to the social worker that her actions ‘make you change your tone’ even as you try to keep calm and work with her in the best interest of your unborn child.

We would be very happy to speak with you on the advice line, call us on 0808 801 0366. The line is confidential and is open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 3pm.

Best wishes


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