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Post by heartbroken80 » Sun Apr 08, 2018 6:09 pm

Hi all,

I have throughout care proceedings with my son had a guardian involved with my son.
Since making big changes the guardian is very supportive of me.

I have been told throughout by my lawyer etc that a guardian does carry a lot of weight and when it comes between a difference of opinion between the Local Authority and the guardian, the judge normally follows that guardian's recommendations.

I was told during a meeting that a guardian has no power (of course the local authority told me) .

I can only assume that as the guardian stands by me then that is why.

Please can you confirm this to me please.

Thank you

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Suzie, FRG Adviser
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Re: Guardians

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Tue Apr 10, 2018 4:40 pm

Dear Heartbroken80

Thanks for your further post. You seem to be getting mixed messages from different people involved in your child’s case who come from different professional backgrounds and have different roles.

Here is a definition of a children’s Guardian which as you can see clarifies their professional standing and their role within court proceedings in relation to children.

Everybody involved in care proceedings is important and has a role to play whether they are parents, local authority social workers, Guardians, lawyers or the judge. The main differences between the Guardian and the local authority social worker is that they represent your child in the case, are independent of children’s services and are officers of the court.

The Guardian will prepare a written report for the court which you should discuss carefully with your solicitor. The court usually follows the recommendations made in the Guardian’s report and if not should explain why.

As always do discuss any specific issues in your child’s case with your solicitor who is usually best placed to advise you as they know the case and are legally qualified.

Try to keep positive and strong. Being involved in care proceedings is stressful and can be confusing but keeping focused on the important issues and what you are trying to achieve for your son may help.

I hope this is useful.

Best wishes


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Re: Guardians

Post by heartbroken80 » Sat Apr 14, 2018 2:48 pm

Dear Suzie,

Thanks so much for your reply.

As you have said, it is exhausting and stressful. I hope it will be over soon.

Thanks for helping so many parents.

Take care,

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