Nearly the end my advice

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Nearly the end my advice

Post by heartbroken80 » Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:11 pm

Hi all!,

Well, last June I took an accidental overdose and my 2 year old was removed from my care.
My home that evening was not good and he was found near medication.
There were 2 other adults present but one of them wasn't very helpful and it made matters worse.
We ended up in court and an interim care order was placed on my son.
I didn't want to carry on, I was deeply depressed.
Well, their reports weren't entirely correct as a lot of social workers do bend the truth.
However, fast forward to today and things are a lot different.
My parenting assessment was just completed and basically, he is coming home soon.
He is currently with foster carers, he was with my sister previously but had to leave last September.
The guardian agrees that my son should come home.
They have already discussed increased contact as at the moment it is three 2 hour sessions a week.
The foster carers are absolutely brilliant and have made this very difficult time a lot more bearable.
I have worked so hard, I had a codeine addiction that I have now beaten.
I've done courses, re decorated my home etc.
If I had advice I would say to engage. Yes, they do lie ect, however, just make sure you have this proof and give it to your lawyer.
Tell your lawyer everything, no matter how bad it seems.
Try not to be agressive as it gets you no where.
I felt desperate and can not have ever thought that I would be in the position I am today.
Ask that every meeting is minuted and take notes yourself of what was discussed.
My first social worker lied a lot, however I evidenced this.
Its very painful but if you want your child returned, you have to be ready for a fight.
I am so excited as my son will be home soon. We have a directions hearing the 26th of this month and I am a bit nervous but not scared.
Be strong as you need every ounce of strength.
Keep asking are there courses ect that you can take part in.
Most of all, don't lie as it makes it sound far worse when you are found out.
Good luck!!

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Re: Nearly the end my advice

Post by k1212 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:10 pm

Well done, for overcoming everything you have and keeping strong. You should be very proud of yourself i hope your baby comes home, from my experience with ss the court normally goes with the suggestion of the babys guardian so i hope thats true in your case. Keep fighting and keep strong.. x

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Re: Nearly the end my advice

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:54 pm

Dear heartbroken80,

Thank you for letting us know how well things have been going during the care proceedings. I am so glad to hear that there is a plan for your son to return home to you.
You have clearly done so much and worked very well with professionals and your solicitor.

I also want to add how important your advice and support is to other parents who post on the forum. As well as giving parents hope, you have also given us really good advice as well.

Best wishes,


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