A film that could have saved my life..

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A film that could have saved my life..

Post by Flight » Fri Oct 20, 2017 7:06 pm


I doubt I'd have **************, and as for the list of things I'd have done differently during proceedings.....

It has got me to thinking though, how is a family supposed to know whether their solicitor / barrister is a ******* or not?

So I'm thinking of **************************************************************************.

Man Utd would never hire a striker who had never scored a goal, you wouldn't hire any professional to do any job unless they had a track record of success.

Under legal aid though we allow the legals to earn large sums of money to give us bad advice and ************.

I refused most of their advice, sadly my spouse did not which caused a lot of friction between us. All of the things mentioned in the film, admit to something for favour from the judge etc, happened. Along with being pressured to admitting threshold.

Your thoughts?

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