Contact has been stopped

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Contact has been stopped

Post by Sarra » Sat May 13, 2017 5:55 pm

Hi All
My ex has stopped me having contact with my two girls. They live with him and his new wife (who is not the nicest of people and is a source of some of the problems). There were a supervision order in place which unknown to me only lasted for a year. I have only in the past week seen the order for the first time even though it were issued in 2013. It ended in 2014.
The contact I had with my girls were supervised by family members since the start of the order and we stuck to the contract of expectations (agreed by all involved including my ex). He however has not been following the contract but is blaming me and my family members for this. He sent an email saying contact is to be stopped but gave no clear reason as to why it is stopping but says my family members who supervised contact cannot supervision contact but the can still see the girls if I am not with them. However he gets angry if they get in contact with the girls.
He will not let the girls have indirect contact with me. He and his wife have taken my oldest girl (she is 17) phone away from her as punishment for silly reasons and the wife has stopped my girls ringing me from her phone. She were not around when all this first started but she thinks she can come in and throw her weight about.
I am not sure where to go from here. I am hoping to put in for a child arrangement order but am unsure of the legal side of things. Any advice would be of help.
Thank you.

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Re: Contact has been stopped

Post by Ignatious » Sun May 14, 2017 8:02 pm

Hi Sarra, and Welcome to the Discussion Board.

Firstly, it is unclear on the details of the supervision order. You did say it only lasted for a year which ended in 2014, since then, it's pretty much stayed as it was I'm presuming up until recently.

My understanding of things you, as a parent, are allowed to have contact with your child. More importantly the views and wishes of your child(ren) are equally if not just as important.

I've attached the sites Information Sheet on Child Arrangement Orders, you might find this useful. At any rate, a Child Arrangements Order will only last up until a child reaches 18 when your (then) 18 year old can make up her own mind.
I am a parent. My responses are not from any formal training background but from my own experiences, my own research and my own point of view.

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Re: Contact has been stopped

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon May 15, 2017 2:46 pm

Dear Sarra

Thanks for your post. I am sorry to hear that it is so hard for you to spend time and keep in touch with your daughters at the moment.

You don’t mention any current involvement from children’s services so it probably ended when the supervision order came to an end in 2014. As Family Rights Group advises parents who have children’s services involvement we may not be the best agency to advise you on your situation which is a parental dispute. If your girls do still have a social worker then do get back in touch.

You mention that you are considering applying for a child arrangements order. Ignatious has very helpfully provided you with a link to our advice sheet which explains more about this order and how to go about applying. You are expected to try mediation first. Your older girl is 17 so it may not be practicable to seek a court order in relation to her but you can check this out and find out more about your options from one of the following organisations who provide private law advice/ information or details of how to contact a solicitor:

Child Law Advice
Rights of Women

I hope this helps and that everything works out for you and your daughters.

Best wishes


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