Help with the children

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Help with the children

Post by Minnie » Fri Feb 24, 2017 6:59 pm

My girls are in a full care order with their father, I was told in July 2015 that he would fail. Things have been difficult for a while with the placement, the biggest one been his housing situation and the split from his ex partner, this was in October. He was placed on the emergency housing list at the time and was at the top of it. He turned the 1st house straightaway as he deemed it unsuitable even though the social worker deemed it suitable. Just over a week ago, his ex partner went to visit family abroad. She returned earlier this week, she threw him and my girls out of her house, the were rehoused into a house that he had previously turned down(the 2nd one). My girls told my mum during a contact visit, I haven't been told by the social worker even though she said that she would come and see today to discuss something, she didn't say what this was. I'm assuming that the social worker would make sure that house was appropriately furnished etc, he has nothing in the way furniture.
My daughters have been turning up in contact inappropriately dressed and unbrushed hair. My oldest daughter saw me on Tuesday and my mum yesterday, she was dressed in the same clothes on both days. I'm concerned about their wellbeing.
I'm waiting for the legal aid to come through to return to court until then I can't speak to my solicitor, I'm concerned about where this going and how to handle this.

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Re: Help with the children

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Fri Mar 03, 2017 11:11 am

Dear Minnie,

It sound like things are still very difficult for your girls.

There has been a lot of disruption since they moved to live with dad, most recently being made homeless and dad and his partner separating. Children services will be waiting to see whether the girls settle with dad in his new home.
I know this has taken such a long time. Yes, children’s services have a care order, so have duties to your daughters. I assume this will involve them supporting dad to furnish the new home.

Although, your girls were wearing the same clothes two times in a row, and their hair was not brushed, I don’t think this suggests in itself that they are being neglected as it is not persistent. However, you could make a note of it, in case it continues.
Dad will say that they have just moved house and it may take time for clothes to be unpacked and the girls to settle in with dad being a single parent. However, if there is anything that worries you, speak to the social worker about this.

Best wishes,


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