Can i get an SGO reversed?

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Can i get an SGO reversed?

Postby private+ » Sun Jun 10, 2012 11:28 am

i was just wondering if i can get the special guardianship that my daughter is under reversed?
when i left my ex partner my daughter was taken off me and went to live with her grandparents du to mental health issues i had at the time. i never put her at risk but still after a lengthy court process she was placed under this order at the courts.
i see her each week at their home and we all have a good relationship. however i really would like my daughter back, but they don't want to lose her now.
i know it says you must have a 'significant' change in circumstances to apply to the court, but i was wondering if this counts as a significant change:
1. I have finished the psychological treatment recommended by the court
2. i have been discharged from the mental health team
3. i haven't self harmed in 11 months
4. I've been living in stable accommodation for 12 months whereas previously i wasn't
5. I've completed half of the college course I've started
6. I've got my self a part time job as a healthcare assistant
7. have been in a stable relationship with a 'normal,' guy for 6 months.

i can honestly say i'm a well normal person. surely in the long run my daughter would be better off living with me. as i am able to provide, and care for her. she calls me mummy, laughs and plays with me, and is so excited on the day i come to visit her each week. i just want her back full time, i love her so much and dont want to think shell never be back with me. has anyone ever got an SGO discharged?

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Re: Can i get an SGO reversed?

Postby Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon Jun 11, 2012 4:07 pm

Hello private+

Welcome to the parents’ discussion board and thanks for posting.

You have clearly worked really hard to get well and improve things for you and your daughter. It sounds as though you have a lovely relationship with her.

As I think you are aware, a special guardianship order can be ended. You would need to ask the court for permission to apply to end the order. The court would have to be satisfied that there has been a “significant change of circumstances” when deciding whether to give this permission.

Although the progress you have made is significant, I am unable to say whether this would be sufficient to persuade the court that it would be in your daughter’s best interests to end the SGO. The court would need to give consideration to the fact that your daughter is happy and settled with her grandparents and the potential impact of disrupting that situation.

I would suggest that you speak to a solicitor about your case and take their advice about the best way forward.

You say that you get on well with your daughter’s grandparents and, clearly, you all have her best interests at heart. Is there scope for discussing the current situation with them with an aim of increasing your role in your daughter’s life?

Perhaps you could discuss increasing your contact or moving towards having contact in your own home on occasions? If this was going well, maybe you could look at building towards overnight contacts at some point in the future?

Do keep posting and let us know how things are going.

Best Wishes

FRG Adviser

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