advice needed

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advice needed

Post by warthhog123 » Mon Nov 19, 2012 1:01 pm

Assessment for special guardianship order to be completed in three weeks, been told this will be negative as risk too high.
So my contact reduced to once a week, social services say they cant support or advise me in this traumatic time its not there job.
So i am so unsure what happens with regards placement order, social say because full care order in place placement order will be granted with or without my consent, and i must find my own support.
They say i can have someone at last contact with me but they still cant support me as its not their job.
so all i have is gp and domestic abuse neither of have expertise in adoption field.
So i am lost confused and alone, with no answers or support.
Any advice grateful
Im a desperate mother finding reduction in contact hard to deal with never mind adoption.

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Suzie, FRG Adviser
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Re: advice needed

Post by Suzie, FRG Adviser » Mon Nov 19, 2012 6:01 pm

Dear warthhog123,

I understand from your post that a care order has been made in respect of your daughter; that children services are assessing relatives to see whether your daughter can be placed with them under a special guardianship order-but this seems unlikely; you say that the children services are pursuing a placement order and that there is a plan is for adoption-if the assessment of the relatives is unsuccessful.
However, you have been given no adoption support. The social worker is saying that you must find your own support. I am concerned that this is the social workers response. I have set down what should happen about support.(Please see below)

Placement order
This order gives the local authority or adoption agency the right to place your child with prospective adopters even if you do not agree. The local authority will need to apply to the court for a placement order and you will also be a party to the proceedings.
It is very important that you have legal representation during these proceedings as all the important decisions about whether your child is to be adopted or not will be made. Contact between you and your daughter will also be considered.
In your circumstances, (where there is a care order) the court also have to make a decision as to whether yours and dads agreement to the adoption should be dispensed with. (ie whether the local authority can go ahead with planning for adoption without your agreement.

Support for parents when adoption is the plan
I am concerned that you have not been offered support around the adoption plan.

As soon as there is a plan for adoption the he social worker must provide you with:
- a key worker
- counselling and information about the adoption process and the implications of adoption for you and your child. (Regs 13 & 14 Adoption Agencies Regulations Act 2005)

If you feel uncomfortable about receiving counselling and support from the local authority or adoption agency, you can ask that you be referred to an independent organisation or approach one yourself.
Not only that, you have a right to be assessed for your support needs –including any help you need around contact.
Here is our advice sheet about adoption. See pages 24 onwards.
I suggest that you contact an independent adoption support charity who can give you further advice. You could try after adoption here 0800 840 2020
After Adoption
I know I have given you a lot of information which may be difficult to take in. If you need further help or clarification, please post back or you could ring our advice line for more intensive support.

Best wishes,

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