Pregnancy and threshold criteria

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Pregnancy and threshold criteria

Postby Knowledgeispower » Thu Dec 11, 2014 7:58 pm

ts: 1 Hi, I am new to this site . Let me introduce myself and my story. I first became involved with social services when my daughter was 8months old. I was 18 years old and still living at home with my mother. My mother was the one who actually referred me to social services behind my back as she was worried about my poor parenting and she believed I wasn't taking my responsibility as a mother seriously. I do admit when I had my daughter I was very immature and my mom did most of the parenting duties. We were placed on a child protection plan, where I had to take my daughter to nursery on time, attend play and stay and treat her eczema. As this was not being done consistently, and interim care order was made in December 2012 under the category of neglect , approxianetly 18months from the time of referral. The local authority did two assessments on me, the report from the psychiatrist said I was experiencing post natal depression. However the psychologist report stated i had impulsive sensation seeking personality traits requiring 18 months of therapy. Throughout these proceedings I became pregnant again and my son was taken from me at birth 12th June 2013. Because the experts were not agreeing they both had a telephone conversation where the psychiatrist changed his diagnosis agreeing with the psychologist, the psychologist then said I only needed 6-12 months of therapy. Throughout of all this my solicitor advised me to go along with social services and because of this I agreed to to the threshold criteria and my two children were made subject to placement and care orders. Throughout this time I know I could have done more but I was depressed and also I was in a bad relationship with my sons father. I am now pregnant again, in a different house, attending university and armed with more knowledge, I have already self referred my pregnancy and I am currently attending counselling and cbt therapy, the thing is I am doing everything I can but I do not want to agree to the threshold if they bring my case into court. I know by the time the baby is born I would have only completed 5 months of therapy and I am scared they will say that I cant keep my baby because of this

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