LAC injuries.....what are my rights?

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LAC injuries.....what are my rights?

Postby whatnow » Mon Oct 20, 2014 10:56 pm

I have 2 young children, 11 weeks ago they became 'looked after' at LAC medical my kids were stripped and the smallest mark noted, my son had about 4 inch scratch on his arm,the doctor asked foster carer what happened the foster carer sat laughing as she explained how her 15 year old grumpy cat had done this due to my son trying to sit on sofa beside it. My daughter also had a scratch about 2 inch's long on her, no explanation for this. Anyway on the LAC report which i received recently after 6weeks i noticed there is no mention of these scratches anywhere in the report. Should they be in it as it was a full medical report?
I have twice weekly contact and at every single contact my children come with new cuts and scratches mainly to their faces. My daughters face is covered in scars now. My sons ears always have cuts and when i reported it to social worker all she said was 'ok' or ' i will speak to the carer' i started taking photos of injuries and logging dates etc...when asking my babies what happened both their replies were 'dont know' i was asking sw nearly every day....she would tell me she was busy n we would speak another day. I got so annoyed and frustrated that i copied all the photos and data, made a file and took it to PLO meeting. Inside everyone was smiling and saying hello and my sw manager asked me how i was, i lost it a bit and stated throwing the photos around the table in front of our 3 solicitors asking why my kids were being abused and screaming how they never had these many injuries in all their lives. Everyone looked horrified apart from the sw, her manager whispered to her 'whats all this' sw replied 'foster carer gave reasonable explanation' i asked if i could hear these explanations....the manager interrupted and asked if i wanted to make a formal complaint, i repeated myself as did the manger. At this point LA solicitor said- i think mum has valid point and i recommend we send the foster carers sw round to investigate. They also started a contact book and a food diary. I never heard anything of the investigation or if it even happened. But the first 2 recorded injuries last week even worried my solicitor, son had what appeared to be 2 nail marks on his chest....apparently these cuts were made from the buttons on his shirt...but the book failed to mention the cut on his back and one inside his ear. On the same day my daughter arrived with a scratch in and around the nose/eye area right under her eye and across to the other side of eye. Explanation in book- she woke up with a little scratch on her eye. My kids are under a section 20 so i still have full PR but do i have a right to know where the injuries are coming from? The sw dont seem to care. What can i do ? My solicitor does not believe these last 2 excuses but i dont know what is being done about it. She was emailing the LA legal team.

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