Outdated Psychology Report

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Outdated Psychology Report

Postby charmed1 » Sat Mar 29, 2014 5:25 pm

My husband and I underwent a psychology report/psychometric testing in September 2012. This report has been relied on ever since care proceedings began in January 2013. It has been said that the psychologist didn't have any knowledge that we were then pre proceedings. Nor did she ever meet with us again.

We have only just received the final judgement from December's hearing. We have been labelled as unlikely to be in a position to care for our children again for two years! Where the judge got this from God only knows. I admitted we weren't ready to have the children home in December but when asked I said six months from then we could see ourselves in a stronger position. My husband and I have been attending couple counselling and after eight sessions the therapist is extremely pleased with our progress and insight. He is writing a report to support us and dispute the claim we will need at least another year of therapy. We can't keep going back for the sake of it. No therapist takes money unless they believe you need further help.

We have to attend therapy in order to make sure we are rock solid by June when we will hopefully be able to apply to revoke the care order. The LA are expected to return to court in July to revoke the placement order if no adopters have been found.

My question is how can we convince the judge that the timescales from September 2012 are no longer valid. How can an outdated report remain as the focus as to whether our children can return home when no one has assessed us in sixteen months? They pick holes in reports from our private therapists and have not had us reassessed by a court appointed psychiatrist as the original psychologist is no longer working for the LA.

We know we've made significant changes but this report is what they continue to rely on.

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