Wait and Hope

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Wait and Hope

Postby charmed1 » Fri Jan 17, 2014 10:19 am

Hi everyone. I have moved my question from the adoption to foster care board as at the present time long term foster care is a possibility more than ever. Just before Christmas the Judge decided to add conditions to the placement order. Since then another case Re A (Children) [2013] EWCA 1611 (Family Law Week 20/12/13) has put a huge spanner in the works. This judgment parallels ours in as much as the conditions to our children's placement were as follows: direct contact (parents) twice a year, direct contact half siblings twice a year. Indirect contact twice a year, present for each child (New Year). If potential adopters wouldn't accommodate this they were not right for the children. So to come to the present we have been asked to give instructions to our solicitors as to our position. Submissions have been in nearly two days and we know the judge is fully listed until May. We are all over the place. We have been told not to get our hopes up while this charade continues to play out. We were first in court a year ago now and our contact has reduced to once a fortnight from twice a week. Then end of February down to once a month we have to somehow be strong. LAC review next Tuesday. Already sent a long letter to IRO. When will this ever end? Dreading that the Judge lifts the restrictions and the LA have free reign to cut and paste the children's needs to fit the adopters. Genetic test results still not received. At this rate we will be able to use them as evidence against them if it goes back to court like our barristers want it to.

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